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  1. The Bombay Bad Boy pot noodle. Knocks the cold/hangover/stomach lining right out of you. Recommended with extra TP.

  2. Great point. He’s every bit the player Rice is. Just without all the English pundit jizz all over him, slowing him down.

  3. Undoubtedly would be rated and valued twice as highly if he didn't choose the good guys.

  4. It’s so fucking elitist to moan about rubbish teams playing rubbish football. If they were playing against Brazil then maybe his point would be more relevant

  5. I mean we played better football than Spain did, simply put. They had tons of possession but 1000 passes never producing a shot at goal is not how you win football games.

  6. The lack of self awareness from these cheating pricks. Tastes sweet.

  7. Mortarion got paired against Gulliman Angron vs Lion Fulgrim vs ??? Lorgar vs ??? Putterabo vs ???

  8. Opposite of Fulgrim would be someone like Russ. Graceful snekman Vs hairy barbarian.

  9. Well yeah, it'd be a shame if Tyranids ate everyone. xD

  10. Is this true if you're contributing 40k a year to pensions so your real salary p.a. is £85k?

  11. Your real salary being 85k p.a is still no bad thing when you're topping up your pension by forty fecking grand each year. That's still accumulating large amounts of wealth.

  12. You're forgetting the point; how long you'd be able to survive if you lost your job. If you're 40, you're putting a shitton in your pension and then lose your job, you can't use that pension for almost another 20 years. It's wealthy down the line, if you want to nitpick

  13. True again, but if you're topping up your pension by that amount before you've established an emergency fund for your bills, then that's just serious financial mismanagement.

  14. Well that was because he was actually demonstrably wrong on many things in his rant.

  15. He didn't say anything like the content of the OP. He wasn't right in his comments which were roundly disproven by WST.

  16. Time is weird in the warp maybe he is the Sanguinor making sure he creates his own future self.

  17. Or command higher salaries and it's cheaper to hire younger folk.

  18. Lando's uncle looks like he's about to welcome them to Jurassic Park.

  19. How many of those players do you honestly think would have bothered to sit there anyway? They never turn up to the physical meetings-even when they are perfectly capable of doing so.

  20. Even my local football team has a video call for it's AGM. WST have no excuse here.

  21. You did well out of that but that price is an outlier in most of the UK.

  22. Average asking price for first-time buyer homes in Scotland is £134,299, so your £135k max mortgage would be fine for that.

  23. You're right in terms of Scotland. Outside Edinburgh a 30k salary is going to be pretty decent to get by on in most places. But most of the UK isn't Scotland and not everyone can just move here to sort out their cost of living issues.

  24. New heroes almost always start out with low winrates, honestly 44.3 doesnt even seem that bad. It will increase as people learn how to play her and what to skill and build

  25. The most busted on release I can remember was Abaddon. He was crushing until the first nerfs arrived/people learned to play around ult etc.

  26. The difference was that millions experiencing it at the same time would have crashed the economy to beyond repair.

  27. If it's such a minority why is it so key to reduce those people below the poverty line? Why not just give them enough to fund the basics?

  28. But an expensive car loan isn’t the basics.

  29. No, it's not. But I don't think anyone is calling for people's personal finances to be picked up by the state, merely the means to keep a roof over one's head and be fed and warm. Current UC falls way short.

  30. You mustn't have seen Vin Diesel lately. Bezos makes Vin Diesel look flabby.

  31. RoW is my favourite Sanderson book too. I read through it at breakneck speed and loved every minute.

  32. The extended extension has corny scenes that's why they were cut. Don't know why people like them.

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