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Chapter 1067 spoiler

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One Piece: Chapter 1065

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  1. Controversial but I really enjoyed their episode lol. Big fan of both

  2. If you can work at a university. They have 30+ days holiday due to closure days. I think I had 37 or something stupid when I was there

  3. Wait until they do a Hunter X Hunter and the one piece world is a little lake in a bigger world

  4. Syrup Village is a D. Made me and my friend nearly quit one piece 😂

  5. All of a sudden… I wish Aljo the best and hope he wins

  6. 3 or 4, soft enough to eat, hard enough to crunch, warm enough to melt the butter

  7. Says west of England. Pretty sure that’s the ticket that includes weston super mare and bath buses?

  8. Have between 50-100k if you will be doing shopping, and moving around and fueling. Also put it in your mpesa if you're able to cause people be setting people up out here.

  9. Word! Some family members were trying to take advantage of me last year. They'd make uncessarry financial comments and it was the most annoying part of my trip. I came to learn that I had to be tough with my money.

  10. Thanks for the tip. I’ll bear that in mind. I don’t really give money to my extended family, only my hababa and people I’m really close with. Still tryna make a decent wage back home times are tough at the moment in this global economy

  11. I was going to use my brothers code but if someone wants to pop me £25 of their reward I’ll fill in your form. Times are hard out here man

  12. Very interesting chapter. Vegapunk either dies or joins the strawhats. I can’t wait

  13. Our last monarch governed until she was 96, and the average age of members of the House of Lords is 71.

  14. We don’t vote for the monarch. Personally think there should be a cap at 70 anyway old people shouldn’t make laws that impact younger generations

  15. Relatively old data. I think it's gone up to 30-40% in the UK now. I'm 26 and can't get anywhere to live, I know at least half of my school cohort are in a similar situation. Many of those who have moved out are precarious.

  16. Yeah it’s real bad at the moment. I have a decent salary but bristol is so expensive I can’t really move out comfortably but I don’t want to move cities because my whole life is here

  17. Someone from Colorado invite me round please. I will bring a lot of British snacks


  19. I mean they do… there’s a reason they ban you if they suspect you of it.

  20. Second this. I’m never allowed a Bet365 account again 😂

  21. Sadly, to refresh data using python/R, you can only do that through a personal gateway. So, the only realistic way is to set up a server in the cloud, install python and packages, and run personal gateway.

  22. “What was the world like back then?” I’m getting shivers. This is leading to a lore drop from Shaka I’m so excited

  23. getting blackout drunk with kuzan is something I could roll with. Would’ve preferred Yamato 😅

  24. He needs to go to tiger Muay Thai, and also go up to 155 because draining himself won’t do any good. Charles Oliver went up a weight group and focused his striking since BJJ was already good and look where he is now (minus islam fight)

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