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  1. Please tell me which psycho case manufacturer did this so I can avoid them

  2. AC 4 looks great. The gains from a remaster wouldn't be worth the effort.

  3. Thane just blowing his head off when he had the chance.

  4. They'd have to be better than the awful ones in KOTOR

  5. Kids make bad choices, surely one of the biggest jobs of being a parent is protecting them from that.

  6. There is a lot of speculation, but the number of apes who don't seem to differentiate between Icahn taking a short position when the price was $400 and being well in profit and SHFs who took a short position when the price was $4 and are deep in the shit is somewhat baffling.

  7. There is no we, so how could WE be accused of anything.

  8. That's my point. MSM like to act like there is a collective we who act in concert, where as we the individuals who visit this sub know this isn't the case.

  9. GME has been in the "Quiet Period" since the beginning of October until the earnings release. They didn't discuss it. Neither of them are that dumb. If CI makes a move, it'll be a direct result of the earnings report. He's a value investor. He doesn't do "trust me, bro."

  10. I would assume you are right. However there are several posts on here suggesting the meeting was for Cohen to somehow tip off Icahn It's ridiculous.

  11. I disagree. He fucked around, now he’s about to find out. Depending on its size He won’t be able to close that position without getting wiped out.

  12. Even if this story is true, he could close today and make a fortune, WTF are you talking about?

  13. Would that not be insider trading? I wouldn't be suggesting that.

  14. They had a galactic empire. I think it's fairly safe to say that even if there were a few million on Ilos it was a tiny fragment of the population

  15. Well surely anyone here knows that the SEC and regulators don't actually do anything useful.

  16. I've played through several times and probably will again at some point.

  17. The problem isn't counterfeits, the problem is touts buying all the tickets as they come up and reselling them.

  18. Make it so it can only be sold for the same price or less

  19. So we don't want the NFT markeplace to be a free market then?

  20. So the price states to spike. halts, then resumes a dollar lower than where it halted and crashes from there.

  21. Didn't someone say this a couple of weeks ago?

  22. Come on guys, why is this not either removed or downvoted to fuck?

  23. This Twitter thread details how FTX seems to have been run as a personal piggy bank for Sam Bankman Fried and others at the top.

  24. I think an arrow shot from a bow would definitely count as a small projectile traveling at rapid velocity. It's magnitudes weaker than a bullet and requires much greater skill to be accurate with. Seems like a pretty solid reason not to use them.

  25. An arcing projectile like a grenade launcher fires an arcing projectile...

  26. Given the cat was alive and somewhere to be "found", presumably in the neighbourhood, one could reasonably assume it could have come "home" at any time and chose not to.

  27. I dig this. There is so much BS about PC gaming being the pinnacle, and sure high end PC will beat out a console the majority of the time.

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