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  1. Hes not showing off, he's probably competing in crossfit. The qoman with the clipboard is probably writing down his times. And i believe what he's doing is called kipping. Its how crossfitters do pullups by swinging their bodies to help get more momentum for the actual pull up.

  2. Dump dairy? Starbucks is in the coffee business hun.......

  3. Lol how many fucking posts are saying different % of locked free float? I saw a post the other day in the 50s now 30s. None of this seems to be accurate

  4. Its about time you all stopped calling us islamophobic for calling out the intolerance of Islam this whole time.

  5. I've been in the army for 11 years I am just doing this for fun I'm active duty

  6. I used to print pages of directions from map quest when i would go anywhere. And then just read them in reverse when returning.

  7. I think we are giving RC a bit too much credit. As we saw in his bbby comment, his opinion changed so he sold. He is here to make money, and we hope he sees what we see with GME, but its not impossible that his opinion changes on GME. but he is watching and i believe he does see what we see. We need to focus on DD, we need to keep uncovering data, keep searching for whats being hidden. We need to stop thinking RC is a savior, he isnt.

  8. Where the hell is OP on this? You didnt think for a second that a female bovine aka (cow) produces milk? Did that really not cross your mind?

  9. Insurance in the US sucks ass. And i moved from the Philippines. I 100% prefer the healthcare in manila vs the US any day.

  10. I really think people are looking a little too deeply at Ryan's actions and its a little conspiratorial. Hes an activist investor that is doing what he can and is trying to awaken a struggling business. I think he's got a plan but its a little nuts how far this is going.

  11. No, Americans will start having sex in theaters. I dont support this idea.

  12. Yes, its called respecting culture. People are called islamophobic by all these sjw's when they bring up the issues they have with islamic laws and culture........... now that people are being forced to adhere to said culture its a problem. Fucking dress appropriately when youre in their country. How hard is that? This post is mildly infuriating because of its islamophobic undertones. Stfu

  13. Yes they are. China is the number one human rights abuser worldwide and i dont see a single person boycotting chinese goods. Yeah peope look past human rights violations all the time.

  14. Thats what im saying. But the reality is it IS possible. For the majority of human history people have supplied many of their own needs. Im not talking about just global trade, im talking about reliance. And if you think the US can't provide for their country instead of relying on china youre crazy. Its that way so big corporations and people spend less money and make more at the expense of the average worker. But in NO WAY is it necessary to rely on China. The US used to be huge for manufacturing yet now we outsource. You really think the US cant make a fucking semiconductor, or car, or a tshirt??? Its not possible right now, but it could be.

  15. At least there wasnt a shark once the wave went over the camera

  16. I thought it was the first of April... Hey it might come with a boot load of gold bullion..

  17. Theres about 20kg of cocaine bricks hidden in this thing........ probably.

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