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FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

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  1. I wonder if there have been agents stationed in the manhole outside doing just that since the whole thing began.

  2. Isn’t that the new gay bar that opened across town?

  3. Was this to smuggle top secret documents out?

  4. Are you asking about the mechanics of biology before the Fall? Anything like that would only be speculation.

  5. It's a neat thought experiment. But I think that applying modern ideas of biology to ancient near-eastern mythology might make you end up with more questions than answers.

  6. It doesn’t really have to delve too deep into the science. I’m more interested in hearing about the consistency.

  7. Differences in skin color among individuals is caused by variation in pigmentation, which is the result of genetics. Differences across populations evolved through natural selection, because of differences in environment, and regulate the biochemical effects of ultraviolet radiation penetrating the skin.

  8. Different human “races” are basically like dog breeds. We look different, but are still dogs.

  9. Is that supposed to be Zeus with the lightning bolt?

  10. It’s about halfway to the boiling point of water at sea level.

  11. Halfway from freezing to boiling. You can't use multiplicative terms like "halfway" in absolute terms, unless you're in kelvin

  12. I don’t know where Kelvin is, but we are definitely in Jeopardy.

  13. It just wouldn't be honorable to use invisible lasers, by the Yautja's standards. It would be like a human using a bomber drone to hunt rabbits and ducks.

  14. Some particularly creative redneck has probably done just that :-)

  15. I mean I've seen vids of them throwing dynamite in a lake or rive to use the shockwaves to kill fish

  16. Does a man with a lightsaber sometimes have to come to resolve deadlocks?

  17. I don’t know, is it because it makes their dicks look bigger, or is it because they cannot afford something less compact and bijou?

  18. In my expert opinion as a self-righteous expert, you two are definitely not what might normally be considered a perfect match.

  19. Japanese empolyee also are forced to buy unsold stuff. not only foreign employee.

  20. sure, but server also all come with temp monitoring built in, so WTF was IT doing as the temps were going up and up and why didn't the server just shutdown and they get some portable ACs in there to help out and power back up.

  21. The IT guys all probably got let go to save costs during COVID-19.

  22. This is BS! Servers all have temp monitoring, the only way you let that servers get that hot it because you weren't doing your job. All server rooms should be cooled well beyond what they need so days only a few degree over any other peak heat day should never cause a problem like this. The only possible problem should be your AC fails and you have no rediundancy, which is more understandable.

  23. This is probably going to be a combination of the installation being installed by the lowest bidder, coupled with management not understanding that IT is sort of important.

  24. Protective custody, 23 and 1 for the rest of your life and hope that none of the guards are corrupt and get paid off to accidentally leave your cell door open at night or take you into some random room and disappear.

  25. I had a question I wanted to ask, does anyone remember what it was?

  26. Was it the one about where to find haemorrhoid cream?

  27. Hemorrhoid cream is the secret weapon of models who like to party.

  28. These libraries should have a “Celebrating Great Dictators” even every now and then.

  29. How do the cops tell who is defending the school or shooting it up when everyone has an AR-15?

  30. I saw a mini documentary on this, the cops shoot everyone.

  31. If the enemy hits your drop ship, you lose dozens of marines. Instead, put a dozen marines into pods, and mix in 4 dozen fake ones. The real pods are stealthy, while the fake ones have small, but findable, heat and radar signatures. Both real and fake pods deploy flares and chaff, as well, and use fins and parachutes to move unpredictably. If the enemy manages to take out a few real pods, you lose two or three marines, but the rest go on to do the job. As a bonus, they won't have any real idea of the size of the force attacking them, and you can also launch entirely fake attacks as a diversion. Pods are cheap, marines are expensive.

  32. The parachutes are to vary the velocity of the pods as they drop. You don't want them dropping at straight terminal velocity, because that's too easy to predict. You want them decelerating every so often, and then dropping again as they cut off the chute. Besides, the parachutes can act as further radar decoys, making the enemy aim high, when your pods are falling fast again.

  33. Yes. I set up a cron job to give me electric shocks if there’s no mouse or keyboard activity for a while.

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