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  1. Cult of the Lamb's been on my radar for awhile and this just moved it up on my wish list.

  2. Yes, feel bad for the very skilled developers whose previous projects were the Cars 2 tie-in game and a Hannah Montana game.

  3. Either you've never glanced at her Twitter feed before, or you're a liar.

  4. So your problem with him pissing in his basement is that he didn't make enough money from it?

  5. One did it to keep a roof over their head, and one did it because they can't control their bodily functions

  6. Hollow Knight, Little Nightmares 1/2, Ghost of a Tale, Supraland and its sequel, Grounded, Among the Sleep, Super Mario Bros 3 World 4, Zelda: Minish Cap, Yoku's Island Express, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers games on NES

  7. Death of the Outsider which is essentially Dishonored 2.5 is free on Epic this week and it completely removes the moral implications, making it all optional with no consequences. Kill everyone and have fun doing it.

  8. She was never not Ok. It was a PR stunt. If she would have a proble she wouldnt post regularly on OF even today.

  9. Like Jordan Peterson, all he had to do was delete a tweet to get his account back, but he chose to throw a hissy fit and grift for support over it. Jeremy even managed to get his favorite boy Kyle Rittenhouse to tweet on his behalf. But this grift only works well for a week or so, and it's time for the next grift, so he deleted the tweet and broke all his promises to come back to tweeting 40+ times per day.

  10. "Oh my god, I keep attacking the guy, calling him bald, and using his superchats to advertise my dropshipped coffee, I don't understand why he would block me!"

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