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  1. Yeah that's the thing with SCH. Big and sporadic AoE damage but no kill power.

  2. It's really helpful giving 10% damage to your team and 10% reduction on the enemy though; it's a massive boost provided your team can make use of it in a push which is uh... not that common.

  3. I don't think they've used it for years and years, but it was common enough in HW-era content

  4. Bit of a late reply; but also often used if you have to use tank LB3 to live, like in SoS ex

  5. Every time someone used the word “whelmed” and I point out that “whelmed” and “overwhelmed” mean the same thing I’m met with this same exact response. No one cares about the definitions anymore, everyone just wants to communicate how the words make them FEEL

  6. ...that's how language has always been. Dictionaries are descriptors of how words are used, not a rule book. If the usage of words differs from what the dictionary says then it is the dictionary that needs updating. Sure, the the odd usage of a word can ve wrong, but if a lot of people start using it wrong then it becomes correct.

  7. Well, if your friends with whom your constantly alone are also your former sexual partners, then at least being honest your partner of 4 years may be a good idea. OOP recognized that too.

  8. Also, finding out about it by her describing it as great sex and overhearing it is a great way to make your emotions run hot

  9. Yes. It's just some immersion/small RP. Completely fine normal and common

  10. It's just a very GPU bound game. FFXIV isn't isolated in this btw, I have the same GPU and similar CPU with a 1440p 165hz monitor; games at above 1080p just don't rely as much on the CPU as it shifts so much more work onto the GPU. I haven't checked my personal usage but yeah it does max out the GPU and that just makes sense since it can't push anymore performance out at the framerates we're at

  11. Warrior is kind of OP in it though because it is precisely at that level that you get holmgang

  12. That's why it's best to untarget a mob when you activate it, or a rare time it's somewhat recommended to macro an ability. The tether portion of it is disregarded with no target

  13. The short heaird version was a unique cool design for once, did people really complain lol.

  14. Imagine saying you would only buy food that wasn't made with a tractor because its lazy lmao

  15. It's more saying you wouldn't buy food from someone that goes around every farm stealing crops.

  16. Hey, fellow artist here, can you point me to the AI tracing artist’s thing? If that’s true, I’m definitely against AI art, but I haven’t seen any sources for it.

  17. So it's somewhat hard to use specific sources since it boils down to AIs stealing from many people and images at once, but here's an example from NovelAI that's incredibly clear with what it does :

  18. Well recently he's just been using AI and lazily editing it, if he does even that, without disclosing it. Still stealing other people's work.

  19. Because it's the inferior way to do it. If you know your tables the 7 * 10 + 7 * 4 way is much quicker.

  20. I feel like Juri would be a perfect character for CP. She would definitely be a Mox.

  21. Unless you’re a tank trying to run Bardam’s in Shire gear. Maybe it won’t make or break the run but you’ll only have three people doing damage because the healer will be babysitting the undergeared tank all run.

  22. It's not been nearly as bad since the stat squish, compounded with it being augmented shire now

  23. Man, that explains so much, thanks mate :)

  24. It's not quite how it works; in more detail the game keeps offering you gods until you have chosen 4 boons from different gods (even if you sell the only boon they gave you, they're locked in) - Hermes excluded.

  25. I don't think it was a one shot, more an off screen fight since Kou seems a bit dirtied afterwards. Bodied him nonetheless though

  26. The crazy thing is, even weed can really fuck up your brain development at this age. It doesn't get talked about enough imo, weed is seen as harmless. And it is! If you're an adult. I know several people with severely impacted short term memory bc of weed use in their teens.

  27. Well not totally harmless, but a lot of that is the way it's mostly consumed (smoking)

  28. How can you guys play endless after a certain floor. I always get bored of OTK'ing every single enemy and I don't have the patience to wait for them to outscale me

  29. That's generally I how feel with doing endless runs as a whole, somewhat amusing the first time but nothing I'd ever want to do again

  30. Private Internet Access is a good secure ( and affordable) one I use, unsure how it works specifically for your situation but it's worth looking into

  31. You already melded crit anyway, or should have been, since it also increased crit damage, not just rate. What this is helping out is external buffs.

  32. Apart from WAR all tanks used almost all the materia slots (apart from those for correct skill speed) for direct hit since tanks get none on their armour, and the way it scales means a bit of direct hit goes a long way. WARs only melded crit since direct hit did nothing, but it does punish the other tanks you play since they'd lose out on quite a bit of damage

  33. Odok says:

    Artist's rendering of the attack.

  34. Nah I wanted the source to the creator of the content; already know of the show

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