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Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

  • By - zooco

  1. Any breed that's existence is full of suffering. Like pugs. edit: Just for clarification, i dont hate the individual dogs. I hate the fact that they have to suffer only because of human cruelty and i dont support breeding them.

  2. I hate pugs for this very reason. They have been overbred to look the way the are and in my opinion it’s basically torture for them to be alive. My husband loves them, I told him if he gets another pug it needs to have a longer snout like they’re supposed to have. I won’t have any more flat faced dogs. It’s cruel.

  3. A lot of stems from how old the mountains are, and the amount of superstitions there are in the surrounding areas.

  4. I’m 42 and feel the same way. I think if we know we either don’t want children or are done having children we should be able to voluntarily get a hysterectomy. I tried last year when I had my tubes done and my dr said my insurance wouldn’t approve it because there isn’t documentation of my periods being bad previously.

  5. This is assault. End it with her, and get tested in a month and then again on two months. I’m sorry rbis happened to you. 😔

  6. It doesn’t bother me as long as they aren’t just standing there staring for an extended period of time. I’m used to it.

  7. Poor dental care while growing up. Dental care is a luxury if you don’t have insurance, and without it you’re teeth suffer. So when you’re an adult you have to spend a lot of time and money getting dental work done.

  8. Fuck that. Take him out back, put two bullets in him and throw his body in the dumpster. Done.

  9. He still has to face federal charges which carry a possible death sentence.

  10. Get a referral for a urologist, they specialize in these types of issues and can help you. I was told I kept getting UTI’s when I was 14 because of catheters, I later found out it was a bladder stone.

  11. Omg.. since then have you continued to have utis sometimes or did they fully stop?

  12. I had the stone removed and they stopped. I’ve gotten a few since the surgery but nothing like I used to get. Also try taking a cranberry supplement, it’s helped me a lot with my urinary tract issues.

  13. Same, 3 weeks post op. Hands down the best decision!! I had diastasis recti and always had lower back pain. I can't wait to be cleared at 6 weeks to work out. The recovery has been long but it's already so worth it.

  14. I had that too from a lot of abdominal surgeries and it was the best $9k I’ve ever spent. 7.5 years later I still happy I did it!

  15. So here is my thing with the placenta that pisses me off. so I wanted my wisdom teeth after they were removed. I just wanted to look at them not eat it or plant a tree in it in my front yard. They told me no because it’s considered medical waste, but a placenta isn’t?!?!??

  16. I wanted my IUD after it was removed and was told no. My sister was told she couldn’t have her tubes after they were removed, despite her saying it was a religious belief. It’s stupid.

  17. Female here. He got married / divorced, has two kids and a good job. We’re still friends, he admitted he had a crush on me back in school too. Lol. Too little too late. I’m happily married now, and he’s happy for me.

  18. I tell all stores that push their cards on me that I don’t do credit cards.

  19. I do everything like I normally would, but I don’t use mine as tools. They’re just an extension of my fingers

  20. I have a similar kit. I have two mini Caboodles I use. One has meds, and various wipes, the other one has “tools” (scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, Etc.). And I carry a lighter, a metal “card” multi tool in my wallet that I can use for a multitude of things.

  21. I can’t remember the finale ( currently rewatching season 6) but I could see them playing off Jax surviving and being in some type of care home for the past however many years. Now he goes to Mexico to find Nero and Wendy to see his boys, he doesn’t look the same though because of scarring, etc.

  22. They don't cast Charlie Hunnam to cover his face in scars so he's unrecognizable.

  23. I’m not saying a lot of scarring, it’s TV so a simple long scar and maybe a missing eye would work. His voice is recognizable enough.

  24. Same! And then I lie to my nail tech and say my I tried clipping it. Lol

  25. YTA. My dad told me I couldn’t have PTSD because I’d never been to war. I told him you don’t have to go to war to have it, all it takes is TRAUMA. And everyone’s trauma is different.

  26. The MoM patch is for the guys that have done several high risk things for the club, which is why Jax and Opie had them. The Unholy Patch is for showing loyalty to a specific member, for example Tigg’d loyalty to Clay.

  27. My dad got treatment like this at a jewelry store once. He left that store and went to another one. He’s heavily tattooed, a blue collar worker, and wears beat up clothes. He ended up spending $5k in cash at a different store because of it.

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