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C'est magnifique

  1. Chuck Norris does not do push-ups he pushes the world down.

  2. Is it safe to stack up binders like that? I do that but I’m paranoid

  3. With these toploader binders there is very little that can go wrong.

  4. "oh my gosh I'm so sorry.. I swear it never happens this fast"

  5. That doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard Sam teach…To be clear, I’m referring to the beach story…

  6. Shouting at waves is not his style. Not getting hit by them is.

  7. "I'm worn out when I have to move my own bodyweight."

  8. Actually calisthenics is exercising using mainly your own body weight and is highly effective.

  9. Hmmm… hundreds of unborn nearly extinct fish.

  10. They pretend to only exist in 2 dimensions, but the illusion quickly fades when you discover that’s not the case.

  11. I hate making photo’s too, I’m with you buddy.

  12. you wouldn't have many tries to redo it before the wasp gets angry

  13. Actually you would, the wasp doesn’t know what the fuck scissors are.

  14. if i was outside one day and i see something gigantic rapidly approaching me and cutting through the air (scissors or not) next to me i would see that as a danger

  15. Still your smart human frame of reference mind going brrrr…

  16. I just immerse koi in resin, much easier.

  17. At least you can bring an battery powered saw with that bike.

  18. That is a hilarious observation LOL. I’m actually just an electrician (spark) that likes to workout (press).

  19. Actually you ‘are’ none of those things and you play the role of bench pressing electrician.

  20. That’s a cool story to tell other kids too bad no body would believe it.

  21. He seems short on breath there at the end, rising sea levels will do that to you.

  22. I'm curious how you have the cards situated in those drawers, I was thinking of getting some of those to sort and store my cards.

  23. Hi 👋 those are IKEA moppe drawers. I have labeled them with sets. I have 33 of them (it is double layered) and they contain bulk from every set. As a rule any card that is holo or better gets double sleeved (penny and toploader) in my house. Bulk commons, uncommons and sometimes reverses end up in the drawers. One drawer takes about 1000 cards in two vertical rows from front to back and a few loose ones on top. I also sometimes use them for one row of toploadered cards.

  24. If you watch this for hours you will have a lot of sliced cucumber 🥒

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