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  1. don't forget about the dark and gritty version for adults Cells at Work Black

  2. Oh damn I didn't know about this version. Gotta check it out.

  3. I would expect to hear Ron Simmons say "DAMN!" at some point.

  4. Aquaman, Shazam, Birds of Prey, The Suicide Squad, and Peacemaker. They are the only five good movies/show on here.

  5. Shin Ultraman is so good. Not as good as Shin Godzilla but still so awesome.

  6. Who would win in a dance competition against a chimpanzee? Bob Fosse or Dian Fossey?

  7. Depends, are humans judging or are the chimps judging?

  8. Miniseries starts off with a banger guest! Everyone watch Mitchells vs the Machines

  9. When that movie came out I used it to teach a semester of my media literacy class so I have seen it about 15 times. And it never gets old!

  10. I hope Rianda reads this because it would probably make him ecstatic.

  11. After listening to him on the podcast, I thought he sounded approachable enough to DM on Twitter and I told him about it there. He loved it!

  12. Just want to remind everyone that fear is the mind-killer.

  13. Something I learned from listening to Futurama commentaries. John DiMaggio said that whenever he hummed or did a little song jingle as Bender, they would have to copyright all those little song bits for legal/licensing reasons. So he has like a hundred song writing credits from all the little improv sing song jingles he’s done through his career.

  14. I watched Joan of Arc of Mongolia and it was a very interesting movie. And absolutely gorgeous to look at.

  15. I taught film for middle school kids for years and the only film that really always played well was 12 Angry Men.

  16. They really set him up for failure in an interesting way by having him as the last guy against Batista in the 2014 Rumble. It gave him a huge fan reaction just because everyone wanted Bryan to win. Then when Batista won and everyone booed they were like "well they must fucking love this Roman Reigns guy".

  17. I think Broken Matt Hardy would make for an interesting project based on the parameters

  18. I have a friend who fell for this scam. I believe they said it was the FBI that called them and then they basically sent them their entire savings account in gift cards.

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