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  1. Hardly a hot take, at least on this sub. I thought she was fine, but wasn't really given any development so that she could add something. I didn't find her annoying but yeah, she was a bit of a blank, sadly.

  2. I loved Ruby! She was so funny and kind. Idk why she left but I hope she can come back one day.

  3. Nooo! paris, dear reader, hits different, the Great War and you’re losing me are my top five. not a single song from OG midnights haha. maroon probably comes in at 6.

  4. NTA - he didn’t even plug his phone in to let you know he got home ok? Crikey. Maybe I’m thinking of it from the POV of a woman but if my significant other was out getting battered in a different county with people he hadn’t seen in 15 years and I heard NOTHING from him (bar a drunk photo with a random) until the next morning I’d be worried sick about him. And that’s without the extra stress you had. Omg.

  5. Taylor fans are wild now. A lot of you are cool with separating the art from the artist which leads to forgiveness for artist like The Lost Prophets, R.Kelly, and Chris Brown.

  6. Ian Watkins is in jail for being an actual peadophile and was named by the investigating officer as the most dangerous sex offender ever encountered. Yeah Taylor isn’t being a great person right now but it isn’t really comparable

  7. Fuck I am so sorry. Call the police. Call animal control. Call a lawyer. Fuck them

  8. Best: Nash Mills, Boxmoor, Apsley west of the railway line, Longdean, Long Chaulden, Tile Kiln Lane / Peascroft, Leverstock Green, Chambersbury, Felden, Lockers Park, Potten End

  9. I live in Woodhall. Everyone says to avoid anything from the Sainsbury’s down to the traffic lights on the horseshoe but idk why or what it’s like there. The bit from the Sainsbury’s up and round to the mini roundabout that is deemed ‘acceptable’ (again idk why) is fine. There’s always kiddos playing and it’s pretty quiet. Plus near the M1 for travel and near the industrial estate if you work there

  10. My mum lives on ‘the planets’ and it’s nice. Her neighbours are friendly and good little houses. Only downside is the parking can be terrible and some days you go on a mission to get to your car.

  11. Saying the children have gone home starving and complaining about the food is pure speculation?

  12. I screamed ME! for a good month after it was released every time I drove anywhere haha my passengers were sick of me but I felt effing fantastic!

  13. Christmas Tree Farm was great for my elf esteem 😉

  14. This is just a sad song. She just sounds sad about it all. So I read that they were meant to be ‘on a break’ (hello Ross n Rachel) but then while she started tour someone from Joe’s side leaked they’d broken up. Then I guess from there it all started to spiral from there. Obviously I don’t know how true that was but imagine finding out from the press that your relationship for 6 years was over. I’d be sad af too. Idk. Obviously I don’t know TS or JA at all but the whole situation just seems like a really sad one. Hopefully they can both move on and be happy and whole again apart. I’m just rambling now hahahaa.

  15. Oh my god this song gutted me. I think we can officially lay all rumors to rest.

  16. This. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that song. I had a little cry.

  17. I love Garcia. She is like a breath of fresh air from all the death and doom and gloom tbh!

  18. NTA. This is batshit. Don’t listen to anyone telling you to give your sister the benefit of the doubt or how she is blinded by grief.

  19. Taylor Swift’s public face is fake. Of course it is. She’s a performer. It’s what she’s good at. She cares about her fans because they give her attention. It isn’t just Taylor, ANY celebrity or performer will be the same.

  20. NTA good luck to your brother what a horrid woman. Jealous of a four year old. YIIIIIIKES

  21. My dad took me to my first Taylor concert. He grumbled the whole way through it BUT he admitted he enjoyed it! When folklore came out we had wine and listened to the whole album in his shed!

  22. Exactly, commenting rudely is a no-go. BUT, a toddler unbuttoning a mama’s shirt is also a little creepy to me PERSONALLY. Like mom could just unbutton it herself, and I feel better if a mom nurses covered. No matter the age, because I am a bit autistic I don’t make eye contact when talking and tend to distract myself by looking at hair, earrings, hand motions, and quite frankly your boobies hanging out are distracting. I have one friend who has big boobs and animated hand gestures and refuses to cover when nursing and it just… wiggles like a happy baby hippo, I have small boobs and cover when nursing, it’s just so distracting. “But why are you looking??” BECAUSE IT’s JIGGLING IN MY FACE AND YOUR EYES SCARE ME OK? Lol

  23. YTA this title is deliberately misleading - the issue isn’t taking the photo it’s immediately uploading to social media and then refusing to remove from Facebook after you were asked to take them down. Don’t be obtuse

  24. Yes YTA you thought you could get a free flight for someone your brother in law doesn’t even know and now flipping out about how important the wedding gift was to you. It obviously wasn’t that important or you’d have used it yourself

  25. Was almost about to N A H this but then I realised that you’re allowed a whole weekend away with your friends but your husband can’t have one day at home to play video games. YTA

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