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  1. Alfie's not fond of diets

  2. Check in on Prior while you're there

  3. I always thought it was someone completely fucking a volley and putting it a billion yards over the bar.

  4. Wee 4-0 against the Nigerian Meme Team and some slam points on the predictor league tomorrow please Mr Postecoglou

  5. Additional: Every time I go through Dunbar, the more depressing it looks.

  6. Here you, Karen was a handsome woman

  7. I know I'm starting to get old because I bought a set of coasters that stack up to look like a cactus and it is legitimately my favourite purchase this year... What a life

  8. Just reminded me that I need to buy a table lamp.

  9. Nisbet away and porteous away, supposedly a massive rift in the changing room in which players walked out of training (hopefully newell away 🤞) and rocky broken leg and magennis injured again and so far no new players through the doors.

  10. Goodwin and Johnson swap deal imminent

  11. Coming over here, stealing his bus fare to Ibrox

  12. Joined Glasgow City from Peppa Pig FC

  13. Peter Harte loyal on this subreddit.

  14. Raging that my maw scoffed at my 4-0 then Mooy gave her ammo.

  15. We need to scope him out a pub to buy and suggest names.

  16. That was more of a pen, so we've evened up the first non-pen.

  17. Shankland with 9 penalty goals out of 16 total now.

  18. Ah solid 50/50 in the league then. Balanced perfectly.

  19. Horrible moment when that white man was told he is black.

  20. Shocking treatment for a man struggling through life with severe revitiligo.

  21. Don’t know what others said but shouldn’t the biggest moments in the game be decided by the actual ref?

  22. He decided no pen though?

  23. I think people miss this point. If he's not seen it then fine, but for all we know they saw it well, and decided no penalty.

  24. Giakoumakis revealing his sports bra I think

  25. Boy needs a pint, he's rattling.

  26. Posting before VAR controversy

  27. It's absolutely bizarre, and just about qualifies as lunacy. The whole "God given right" view baffles me, I don't remember it in scripture where big JC said "and the Americans shall be armed, for it is known to His light that they need firearms by the Kingdom of Heaven."

  28. Uncommon Jeremy Corbyn L

  29. He’s going to score on the 21st. I can feel it

  30. Spectacular OG then a front flip celebration instead.

  31. Fuckin' love a good cryptid story. Never heard this one before.

  32. Better before they started doing ads in the middle of the stories. Nothing takes you out of your suspension of disbelief faster than hearing about scam VPNs and raid shadow legends.

  33. I still can't believe Rangers had a player called Michael Francis O'Halloran

  34. Clearly just a bigotry underflow from trying to get a player with a repentance level below zero.

  35. Rather have Gordon with broken legs than some wee English guy that has no interest in us.

  36. The shitshow in Congress continues, nothing has changed on the 7th vote apart from one of the holdout nutters voting for Trump. I thought the chance of McCarthy dropping out was non existent but the longer this goes on the more I think it could happen

  37. Nutter who's been using every delaying tactic in the book for 2/3 years to avoid his court date for trafficking an underage girl for sex.

  38. Reminds me of that WhatsApp going round a while back where a squaddie had apparently leaked the death of the Queen

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