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  1. Honestly as an unqualified American, I always get this vague sense that you think you guys are superior to us, which I mean, say what you want, but it’s like you treat any American online as an uneducated rube.

  2. And as a bonus you can loudly proclaim your political opinions on articles to those in earshot.

  3. That's why the grouchy old guys liked to gather at 7am every day.

  4. The only correct answer is It's a Wonderful Life. Anyone who answers differently is just too young to know any better.

  5. As a non-American I find your obsession with the founding fathers fascinating. Who cares what they thought if Americans today want something different? They weren't Gods.

  6. Just wait for when the LRT crosses over Fairway to go to Sportsworld.

  7. The plan is for it to be elevated over Fairway, not a level crossing.

  8. Football. Except when my kids were little and I was talking about them playing.


  10. I can only speak to my own limited experience with this, but from what I hear happened on my US team prior to me joining, there was a gift given to the upper boss. So I'd imagine that it's similar to here in Canada, where it can depend and vary by team and company.

  11. Yup. Gifting down is a sign of appreciation. Gifting up is weird.

  12. You have to pay for services not covered by OHIP. This is one of them.

  13. Ive never noticed a taste issue, but the water is so hard. The amount of residue it leaves on everything is nuts. We need to use a Brita filter to fill the kettle.

  14. Removing those minerals is exactly what Britta does.

  15. Why not just split utilities? Weird to be trying to make a profit off a girlfriend. Will you provide rent receipts and declare it as income on your taxes?

  16. This would likely be structured as a cost sharing arrangement, just as it would be with roommates. It's not declarable as income.

  17. Sounded like they were talking about charging 400 on top of costs to cover mortgage.

  18. Driveway big enough for four cars. It takes me 2 years to go through a small bag of salt.

  19. Well Canada was able to protect its land. The US was able to protect its territory too. Both sides were at a stalemate, hence the draw.

  20. The US's goal was to gain territory. England's goal was to prevent that. Which side met their goal?

  21. I’m confused… can’t 30+ year old men just date younger women? Lol

  22. There's also plenty of great women in their 30s who don't have kids.

  23. Edit: I'll add I am not answering the question you asked I am answering the question you should have asked. Which would be more akin to how can you set them up for success.

  24. So you won't actually give them a condo, just let them live in yours.

  25. If you mean the pharmacy program, I'm assuming knowing how to spell pharmacy would be the bare minimum.

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