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  1. It's not the reason we lost but when you're already a bang useless team you just can't afford those kinda calls going against you.

  2. I am honestly convinced that Crossland wouldn't stand out in Group 21.

  3. Frances Soir. Great restaurant in South Yarra that has friendly French staff.

  4. What the fuck is Dufty doing? That's 3 basic fucking errors after 18 mins

  5. There's something so aesthetically pleasing about the match up of kit colours of these two teams.

  6. I jump across a few different departments depending on how I'm feeling but the bulk of my work is either in the art department or on the production team itself.

  7. Illegal. Tell them you are contacting fair work to verify what you are owed. If you're working hospo rest assured, there is plenty of work going so don't feel like you have to stay in a job.

  8. This is a chicken or the egg scenario. All his problems started during his match with King Shit Kyrgios. All the dickheads were out cheering their hero on with zero respect for Medvedev and of course he took the bait. He then made valid comments about the low IQ crowd and then it was on for the rest of the tournament. It’s the Aussie way…..when you find out someone can’t handle the piss being taken out of them you give it to them even more.

  9. As a non American following this predominantly American movement, I feel as though a "21 year old old long term unemployed anarchist" is a fucking terrible person to front a movement that seems primarily inhabited by people wanting fundamental Labor rights and basic workplace decency that most other developed countries have.

  10. That was a classic scenario of the two rep players in a mid sized town like Coffs Harbour or Shepparton playing for their junior club teams again, against local kids forced into it by their Dad and still wearing etnies as their playing shoes.

  11. Time to put in a few cheat codes: SUPERMAN BRADMAN BEACHBALL DROPBALLS SOLIDOAK

  12. This really deserved a whitewash to be honest. England were miles off.

  13. Shane Warne says it was LITERALLY 5 metres from Robinson when he wasn't even in frame.

  14. Clifton Hill maccas wasn't the best. The customer service next door was efficient.

  15. I highly doubt he spent all his money. He is probably just doing it for something to do, regardless of how much money he has.. Retiring from footy in your 30s would be lonely asf post career if you dont work or have something productive to do everyday.. Its no different than when players get jobs in the media or with footy clubs in some minor role post career..

  16. Brother the only thing I'd say is don't underestimate the financial toll gambling can take. Have a good mate who beat addiction. He has worked a big 6 figure job in the mines for many years, and hasn't a zack to show for it. Never heard the exact number but in our intervention some blokes reckon he waxed over 500k in total.

  17. Hahaha I wish I had the money. Nah saw the same thing in another city sub other day and it was fun but maybe I've worded it wrong.

  18. Whilst whatever happens would need to be decided in conjunction with the indigenous community, I have always been in favour if a more Anzac day style day on the 26th.

  19. Genuine question. Carey finishes the series of course but after that are you dropping him or giving him another series series improve?

  20. American here, 226 in 40 overs should be an easy chase considering they score 180 in 20 overs game right?

  21. Theoretically it always sounds easy. However there are no fielding/bowling restrictions in test cricket, and the more chances you take as a batsman the more likely you are to lose your wicket and the match. They could go for it for sure, but the risk of losing becomes a lot higher too. Particularly when you're already 4 down.

  22. I've never understood the fascination with the barmy army. Shirtless, illiterate yob vibe aside, singing about yourself then singing insults at someone is something I'd expect from a Broadway musical group that wear fishnet stocking and doc martin's.

  23. 4 overs, 4 maidens, 0 runs, 2 wickets. And he was like the 7th choice seamer at the start of the series. What a joke of a team we are.

  24. Can someone tell me why India bowled Ashwin for a few overs straight up then took him off? Seems strange.

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