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  1. i’m not an advocate for boofing… but it seems like your best bet.

  2. But why? I haven't been but I only hear bad things. I hope they're aware of how disliked they are.

  3. tbh I don’t understand a lot of the hate, every time I go to dam I get 2 packs of prerolled pure joints from bulldog to have around if i’m too lazy to roll or just want to have some quick smokes. Its 8 joints for €30 of white widow and honestly can’t complain. Though I only go for the preroll packs and haven’t tried much else from there. I do end up going to different better coffeeshops but as an emergency I always like to keep a few js.

  4. Mixing codeine with DHC doesn't works for me :( codeine killing DHC high

  5. that makes no sense, dhc doesn’t have a ceiling dose so redosing works not like codeine.

  6. Chewing it doesn't produce the same effect?

  7. chewing and swallowing only lets the pill dissolve faster in your stomach, it makes it have a faster onset but sublingual has always been faster for me.

  8. Here in NL no fetty in H, only pharma fetty for those who have a jacked up tolerance but that’s expensive.

  9. you suffer from cognitive dissonance or something? no pressies have alprazolam not even the biggest cartel boss will press alprazolam into pressies. them bars got u acting like a fool on reddit. Your plug probably laughing at your ass thinking about how you actually believe he sold you real alprazolam. I hope he sold these pressies to you at an insane price too, you cocky mf.

  10. well if diazepam doesn’t do it for long then I don’t believe others would do better, in the end both alp and pins are short acting benzos.

  11. So what advice do you want? Jesus. You say it doesn’t last as long or the anxiety is gone no amount of diazepam is gonna get rid of your anxiety forever at most you’re just gonna fall asleep or blackout and not remember shit. You’re depending too much on a pill to fix your issues. It sounds like you are using them recreationally instead of therapeutically so if you want more of a high from your diazepam just shoot it into your veins then you won’t have to worry about your anxiety since you’ll be face down in a benzo coma.

  12. Bruh in my country that would cost like 1k-1.5k€

  13. where you from? its all about supply i guess, here in NL there’s a good supply of H and affordable too, I know this isn’t the case in many countries. Back home I used to get a gram of coke for €10 (Latin America), but here its €60-70 for a good gram so I had to stop using coke (even a few bumps, i’m very fiendish and would end up wrecking my bank account). Been in many countries as well where I could find drugs at very cheap prices, even pharma benzos or opiates for extremely cheap. I can’t imagine paying a lot of money for drugs, I prefer being sober than wasting my money. I’m grateful i’ve been so lucky to get cheap drugs.

  14. Yeah it does last longer and more potent but something about Valium. I used to be one alprazolam and lorazepam and clonaz and still prefer diazepam

  15. Idk where u got clonazepam lasts longer, half life is 24h when diazepam is 48+

  16. I always have to shit immediately lmao but numbness in your arm doesn't sound good... should only numb your throat and maybe face.

  17. yeah I was going to say the same thing, coke makes me wanna go to the toilet everytime. Even when I was constipated from doing Opiates i’d do a line and after a few minutes I was already bombing the toilet. However the numb arm has never happened to me, sounds like he either did too much or it was cut with some weird shit.

  18. the best Oxy, nothing beats the mundi OCs imo. Very easy to crush and sniff too.

  19. i never sniff, but i do agree, OCs are the best. Sandoz and Oxydolor are on par though.

  20. Agreed, however something about the imprint and color makes me fiend for them, same with the Tevas.

  21. Are u in the states? I haven't seen h that nice lookin in years! That pic like a good day/night 4sho! Enjoy

  22. Nah m8, Amsterdam! H here is clean asll, and only fetty we have is medical grade (pharma) which is 2-3x as expensive

  23. This might be one of the worst pressies i’ve seen, the m and box are so fucked up almost like they were carved out with a toothpick or some shit.

  24. NL? I just got 5gs and it look identical to your stuff, also here its fent-free as well, if you want fent you end up paying almost 5x what you paid for H (I buy a gram of this stuff for 20€)

  25. u can smoke presses??? I didn’t know

  26. that’s probably the safest way to do it tbh, apart from volumetric dosing.

  27. Lay in bed with headphones, listening to trippy music with your eyes closed or a video with visuals

  28. literally what I do 90% of the time i’m doing ket solo. I get what I can only describe as “visions” and not dreams, since it would focus a lot more on introspectiveness in my life. K-holing however it feels as if i’m going through a warp and was definitely more dreamlike when I was listening to music. I guess it varies on the person but my favorite thing on ket is just closing my eyes and letting my mind go with the sound of the music. it has definitely taken me to very weird places, but i’ve also learned a lot about myself and the people around me just by hitting a few bumps of Kezzy and letting my brain go brrr with a few tunes.

  29. hhz says:

    Lean does norbinf bro get real script perc if u can A real pharmacy script Lean is garbage so is street h n fent

  30. no fetty where i’m from either, very rare usually only pharma fetty but thats expensive. Script oxy barely scratches me anymore its a very expensive habit to keep.

  31. You ain’t gonna feel nothing from lean if you’ve had heroin , I honestly don’t see why anyone bothers with it , it’s just a fad and so overpriced, here in the uk 🇬🇧 we just pop dhc which is stronger than lean and loads cheaper

  32. I can get dhc syrup for cheap too.. Also where i’m living its really cheap tbh

  33. I'm over ketamine, have done ~50grams in total at home, it's nice but not like antidepressant afterwards for me.

  34. Hey man, just wanted to let you know the withdrawals by itself is much worse than you expect. In the end you will only end up wanting to kill yourself even more when you start feeling them. I would definitely suggest kratom or psychedelics if you want to have some long term healing, but be careful with Kratom since you can get addicted to it (even though some people don’t like to admit it). However there’s nothing worse than being in WD, only thing worse would probably be benzo withdrawals and I wouldn’t suggest benzos ever unless its for coming down a different substance.

  35. I just took it 2h ago, so definitely not lol

  36. Just seen you’ve been posting pics like this for years, maybe I saw one of yours lmao. nice stash forsure !

  37. Nice stash bro, good you have consistent plugs. Maybe you can help out some of your homies out with some of those so they don’t go trying to buy any presses and end up in a bad situation. Take care be safe G.

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