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  1. Clara Layeink. Saw the last name on that old tax roll someone posted and loved it.

  2. I’m still early in the game, but it looks like you can pick between them to accompany you on certain story missions. Doesn’t look like they’ll just follow you around as you please.

  3. This was something I brought up prior to release and got downvoted to hell for it. A lot of the cosmetics are fun, but seem unnatural in our surroundings.

  4. I don’t think so. It sounds like we’re at roughly the same point. I took him to Hogsmede and did the library, but have only received contact from Natty so far. Just wrapped up the first Herbology assignment.

  5. Wandering around the Gryffindor tower was my favorite part of release night. You can just see the love that went into the design.

  6. Wandering around Gryffindor Tower is so much fun, but where are the bathrooms? I couldn’t find them lol.

  7. I think they’re on the bottom floor of the dorms if you go straight down the stairs rather than stopping midway to go to the common room. Someone else said that they’re only on the girl side which is what I’m playing, but the Ravenclaw ones were on the boy side so it seems weird that Gryffindor wouldn’t if that’s true.

  8. Been wondering that too figured I just needed to progress more

  9. I think it’s just a cosmetic transmog. Just select change appearance on the correct article of clothing and it should appear as an option.

  10. We can trim bushes?! I thought the enchanted clippers did that.

  11. I had a brief moment where I was like oh this is a fakeout, George is actually a bad guy who was using us to get the key. Then the thestrals pop in and prove that’s not the case. RIP George sorry for doubting you.

  12. I’m enjoying the actress’ performance, she just sounds so dang polite and sincere.

  13. IDK where you live, but I live within walking distance of the ocean and shrimp are very much not $7 a pound.

  14. I think they’re talking about tiny freezer section shrimp, not fresh shrimp.

  15. I remember I used to cry to this song a bunch as a kid. It would come on the radio in the car and the waterworks would immediately start. I never let my mom change the station though lol.

  16. Lovebot kicks ass. Sci-fi, romance, drama, action, horror, possible polyamory. It has it all!

  17. Fallout 4 was cool, there was a set of names Codsworth could pronounce. Even some random ones like aaaa and even some slurs.

  18. I was trying to remember what game recognized names, thank you for this.

  19. Sounds like his mother pushed for that—that’s what it says in the article.

  20. They claim he’s not bogged down then mention that besides the ton of high school level work they have him doing he’s also taking karate and piano. I guarantee 90% of this kid’s life is academics being put on him.

  21. I mean, isn't karate (sport) and piano (instrument) a standard part of being a kid?

  22. Yes, for kids working at their grade levels. At that age kids aren’t getting any real homework, maybe a quick worksheet at most to teach them to set aside time for homework. That leaves them open to playtime and exploring hobbies. If he is truly working at a high school level and excelling then he is studying and doing tons of extra work that would eat up his free time. Tack on karate lessons, piano, practice, and transportation then the kid basically has no free time. They’re just trying to shoehorn in extracurriculars to appeal to colleges.

  23. You don’t need a vpn. I have a Japan account for games unavailable in the US and all you need is to be able to fake a mailing address.

  24. Unlocks at 11pm Monday for me, it’s barely Monday, but it’s still Monday. 1 more day!

  25. Central time buddy! I’m going to sleep as soon as I get home from work so I can stay up and play it during the night before my next shift. I should still be able to get in my regular 8 hours of sleep.

  26. Being falsely expelled due to a known racist lying about your adorable pet who couldn't hurt anyone and then having your wand broken in front of you and then becoming gamesmaster for the same school that expelled you

  27. Hagrid had a lot of sad in his life, but a good bit more happiness. I wonder what a fully trained wizard Hagrid would’ve accomplished.

  28. IIRC all the potion does is put markers on all loot chests for a limited amount of time. They mentioned it in one of the official videos I think.

  29. Am I the only one who thinks he looks exactly the same, but like they stuck a wig on him? It’s weird how little he’s aged.

  30. Gryffindor, Rattlesnake Patronus (I got a hatstall, can you guess which house ? ) Cypress wood with a unicorn core 13 ¾" and rigid flexibility. Wonder if you can be left handed

  31. Same house and patronus! I love the counter-imagery lol.

  32. Oh snap I didn’t even consider the possibility and bought digital! I frame all my game maps, I hope I can find one secondhand.

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