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  1. There are several that pay monthly. PTY is a bargain now. Buy some, sit back, enjoy

  2. Just took a quick look at it and this does look very nice right now I’ll look into it a little more kinda curious why the drop maybe because of the banking situation I’m assuming not sure , but thank you I’ll read up on it !



  5. A lot more info is needed to provide advice.

  6. - For debt just paying off a car roughly 22k left

  7. Is the 50-55% going into your 401k just the minimum needed to get the full match or are you contributing extra?

  8. I am currently contributing extra

  9. Wow, I had no idea cars were so expensive now. $535 * 72 months is $38,520 for a Honda Accord?

  10. You also bought during the run up from COVID when prices were high, not that they've gotten a lot better. Good move buying a Honda though it should last a very long time.

  11. That also didn't help for sure

  12. How do we maintain a patient? Well if he is too bad, we connect him to life support and a ventilator...

  13. *patience just a misspelling but I love the humor 🤣

  14. Just a mis spelling for the word patience just a mistake 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Love this pairing and I'm not sure you need more than these two. If I'm adding anything I'd going with a minor position with an aggressive income fund. Think along the likes of JEPI (&JEPQ), or SPHY.

  16. I love this duo too just making sure I’m not missing something , JEPI is a thought for sure I’ll have to look a little more into this I know it’s a popular one mentioned pretty often but like you said I Like knowing what I’m investing in

  17. Really you don’t NEED anything else besides those two; just buy buy buy more when you can.

  18. True true, any suggestion to capture those small cap stocks ?

  19. Thank you all for the advice and what somewhat felt like mini testimonials lol but some very good thinking points here looks like others got something out of this too awesome

  20. Thank you for highlighting these facts these are some good thinking points!

  21. 2 spots needed. Currently in inactive guild so it will be at least 24hrs before I can join.

  22. Not exactly a guild invite but this is the link to the Avesta Server discord where plenty of players are on might help you in your search or just help you in general enjoy

  23. Cross hair placement if you pause the video as you walk in your cross hair is aimed at his feet matter fact your first few shots hit is feet/legs.

  24. Looks like a long exposure shot reduce the time the lens is open next time you shoot it.

  25. ill have a look there now thank you in advance !

  26. This happens because red light doesn't penetrate water as well as colors like green and blue. When you see video footage of beautifully colorful marine life and landscapes like coral reefs, that's achieved by attaching lights to or near the camera, bringing the full spectrum of light to depth so as not to lose the red and orange colors like you see happening here. Some divers even have goggles/masks that are tinted red so they can see colors more accurately underwater without having to bring their own light source.

  27. Your the guy I look for in the comment sections of things lol

  28. Aesthetic on social media = posting the same style over and over again. You get insanely popular but you have no artistic freedom to do what you want. I excel at landscapes. But I love take pictures of life and street. So my social media is all over the place.

  29. Because you're not exceptional, you're about equally skilled or less as thousands if not tens of thousands of other photgraphers.

  30. That holds some truth for sure but the images still attract an audience and not necessarily a small audience.

  31. The good & The Bad please all feed back is appreciated.

  32. like the comment before said there is plenty to like about the company, it is currently trading low and will gradually rise over time so its letting me add to my position while enjoying its dividend. its a long term play for me. i actually found this to be very appealing during this COVID time.

  33. I like the idea of showing the A.O.E (Area Of Effect) of her Ult. Adding on to this idea maybe you can show her A.O.E and show the bombs blowing up in order on the mini map this will help timing situations her ult is extremely versatile in my opinion and adding these little details would help the player and the team greatly.

  34. I’m well invested I’m just curious on people’s perspectives just to see what the consensus is or isn’t.

  35. Just got to remember it’s a Mobile game soon enough the company will move on to its next “Big” (money maker) game, company has to stay relevant and keep making new games to continue money flow to stay alive.

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