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  1. it was not my ace in the hole, it was the most recent thing. I thought I was giving a bit of context to someone who was confused online and not humoring a coward who hides behind a facade to win debates only they know they're having.

  2. Question: Why is it that the extreme end of specifically trans rights is just full with disgusting psychos. No other human rights movement even comes close.

  3. Anyone who couldn’t tell that it was fake shouldn’t be allowed on the internet without taking a class or something, it was a very poorly done fake

  4. Know it all captain hindsight in the wild.

  5. Posie Parker has blood on her hands by encouraging violence towards trans people. This person who threw juice at her should be celebrated as a national hero!

  6. It's quite possibly to agree with someone's actions and be unhappy with subsequent actions from the same person.

  7. She will likely seek political asylum in Australia, just to make sure she stays in the limelight for a bit longer

  8. Lol she's probably more likely that her application triggers a 501 deportation.

  9. She’s married with 6 kids with a white guy. I don’t think she’s racist…

  10. Holy shit there it is. "My best friend is white". I honestly thought I'd never see that in my outside of a comedy sketch.

  11. Might want to check my comments. I think what she said was stupid. Bit of a gap between saying something stupid, and being racist lol.

  12. I need to point out you avoided my first sentence. So let's focus on that:

  13. The headline seems to imply they arrested the kid for the drawing but it's the dad they moved against. The kid drew a picture, doubtless inspired by her dad's opinions. Her teacher sent the picture to the principal, and he thought he better call the cops, I'm guessing after talking to the kid. The cops checked on dad's online output and found anti-govt opinions. They put dad under house arrest and sent the kid to an orphanage because the dad was in trouble with the law. All this could be construed as normal, were the government a good government.

  14. What votes will she be losing for the Greens? She was speaking truth to her supporters.

  15. She's a list MP. Claiming the entire Green Party voter base harbours the same views as her over any number of party policies is absurd and you know it.

  16. She's the co-leader. Not just some grunt

  17. Still only there on the basis of being on their list.

  18. So you're saying that if a pakeha male politician said the exact same thing about Maori and prison population, we should just talk about other potentially racist politicians and move on?

  19. That saying someone shouldn't be an MP because they harbour some racist of prejudiced views would leave us with no politicians. *edit for mangled spelling

  20. Well let's just say they all are. In the real world the difference between those politicians and Davidson would be they don't out themselves on camera for everyone to see.

  21. Most sane Jaffas who have been on reddit more than a few years avoid that sub after that weird doxxing shit their mods were involved in.

  22. To be honest, I only recently started viewing that sub so have no idea re history but given the amount of brigading that went on yesterday the mods seem to do close to fuck all.


  24. no no no we need every one of these fragile white men screeching posts

  25. Wait. So what does that make all the people making posts about Posie Parker? Are you suggesting reacting to hate speech is fragile?

  26. ..hey i didn't want dozens of wayne brown posts and memes filling up the sub either but here we are

  27. At this stage I'd be happy with a statement from Marama or even someone holding her to account for that comment.

  28. How fucking hard is an apology for people like her? All you have to do is say some words and it'll probably pass.

  29. Exactly. No love for crypto boosting nvidias stock price for the past 3 years?

  30. Well, it might literally be the only people they could get love from and only reason they'd get love for. To everyone impacted by the shortage, they're greedy pieces of shit.

  31. Did you get hit because of your political beliefs? And then immediately afterwards were you verbally hounded by a Far-Right "journalist"?

  32. If warrants precisely the same response as a white male politician blaming brown women for some social ailm. And you know exactly what that response would be.

  33. There's a hell of a lot of damage control going on this morning from Marama's corner. Bizarre that it's all trying to pin the blame on the people calling out the racism as being the actual issue.

  34. Look at the state of OPs comment history. Only NZ subs and 99% political.

  35. By this logic, no one hates trans people unless they specifically say it.

  36. lol what authority does Ch9 have? Its a request only

  37. Zero. And they're only inviting people to go out of their way to prove it with letters like this.

  38. I wonder how many times people have complied with things like this to generate such an air of entitlement.

  39. But this is just creative graffiti...

  40. How do so many people not realise that you could only see this from a very particular angle? More importantly, if you were a very particular height. It's exactly very effective graffiti.

  41. I don't shop with PBTech for exactly this reason.

  42. Yeah it would be pretty fucking out the gate if they randomly decided to invade a country on the opposite side of the world bypassing all the country's in-between

  43. Especially when they clearly have logistical issues two steps out the front door.

  44. What's most interesting to me is that a post such as this has led to its poster being compared to a Nazi supporter and abused within the hour.

  45. I didn't see the post you replied to, but I don't need to. It's the most predictable outcome of these discussions where both sides of the argument are as toxic, vile and incapable of discussion as each other. It's the reason why I don't engage in the topic anymore. Both extremes of the discussion are selfish people who feel their response is the only response allowed, and anyone who deviates in the slightest is a threat. It's pure intellectual cowardice.

  46. Landlords are not the brightest bulbs. Thats why they don't have real jobs.

  47. Odd thing to say. So we're only pissed at professional landlords? Because every landlord I've ever had did have a day job.

  48. I believe it is available for most models within your Connect IQ app.

  49. Do you know the name of it. I've searched for "Marq" but nothing resembling the three dials comes up.

  50. Mods. Please do something. It would be really cool if rules were enforced to keep this sub on topic, rather than just another subreddit for WPT posters to farm reddit points

  51. This sub always had a short shelf life anyway.

  52. Obviously no. This kind of terminology can be (and sometimes does get) used with 'people who have prostates' for instance.

  53. No one is really after "why". That's absolutely no different than calling a gender neutral him or her also having a use.

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