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Ethan Klein's Twitter account h3h3productions has been permanently suspended from Twitter for impersonating Elon Musk

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  1. The actual Store Managers are well paid and know what's what, as well as how much shit they would personally get over an employee stealing from a customer.

  2. Base salary starting around 50k and raises to around 70k, plus bonuses that are usually about equal, and often higher than salary at high volume stores.

  3. They do, but instead of doling it out to shareholders they reinvest and open more warehouses.

  4. My FC management is so out of it that we didn't even get our holiday meal during our shift, nor a paid break to eat it.

  5. Honestly makes no sense. Over time your going get tires and your numbers going start to slip. They should have hired more ppl

  6. They dropped 5 12s on us and I'm very open and honest about how much slower I'm working now.

  7. Brother where you from? I’m sorry but there is a dusting of snow on the ground. Can you not drive?

  8. I just drove through similar on my way home in a 2wd F250, this post gave me a good laugh.

  9. A nuanced point shouldn't be downvoted. There isn't anything wrong with an inmate working while incarcerated so long as it's by choice, without coersion.

  10. Everyone I've ever met that appreciated working when in prison did it voluntarily. Around here the prisons put together wildland firefighting crews.

  11. I think he was justified though, self defense. The dude tried to hit him with his car

  12. If you expect that a car is going to move forward I think you have to at least step out of the way before you start blasting ....

  13. Good Lord! That lady is over the top. Kinda makes you wonder what she was doing that made her so defensive.

  14. Some people are like that. There's a crazy bitch at my work that is gonna get fired soon because she blows up like this 1-2 times a week on someone over honest, but inconsequential mistakes.

  15. I would replace the plate/bracket if you can. You should be able to find a parts catalog for the mower pretty easy by searching for "(model) parts catalog" or similar, then when you ID it search for "Troy Bilt (part #)" to find one for sale if they're still available.

  16. Talk about sunk cost fallacy. Time to import western RNA vaccines, get the shots into people, then ease restrictions.

  17. China's most vulnerable citizens are antivax. The same fuckers that think that snorting ground up rhino horn will give you a boner.

  18. Just work then sue and say they forced you to do it. Class action lawsuit and you’re making everyone money. Why are people given opportunities like this so stupid.

  19. So if I visited a woman and we got along and had an intimate time, and then gave her a "gift" out of pure generosity, it's ok?

  20. Maybe because the situation was already dangerous and they needed to use less than lethal force to try to resolve it? There is literally zero context in this video so it could be any of an infinite number of reasons.

  21. You never seen a cop bust a window to open the door from the inside when the driver refuses too?

  22. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about because there is literally zero context in this video. I doubt you’re a police officer either, so most likely you’ve got less than no idea.

  23. They are ordering him to open the door. Not drop a weapon, put his hands on his head, etc.

  24. Somewhere there’s a planet where insects have evolved to be gigantic

  25. They just need more oxygen in the atmosphere. Millions of years ago we had a lot more in ours and the insects were huge.

  26. Australian insects are annoying and small most of the time. Humid environments usually have the largest insects. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong but it's because humid environments are usually consistent year round allowing them to develop consistently whereas places like Australia have seasons which often kill off majority of the population before restarting their cycle when it's hotter again.

  27. Temperate environments is where they really thrive. Places that are always warm and sunny, but not too hot.

  28. Many, many, years ago, I witnessed the cops arresting a guy for a bank robbery in a local restaurant I was at.

  29. Sounds like he could have got away with it if he just played it chill, lol.

  30. This is just .. what other ridiculous feature do they have that most of us don't know?

  31. am i the only one that’s really confused by the headline. was the husband stabbed for the actions of the wife or is it just me

  32. I just read it for the 14th time and yeah, sounds like hubby took the fall for his wife acting like a bitch.

  33. Kissing ass is definitely the easiest path to promotion.

  34. At our FC, it's the safety shoes. They keep hiring pickers and they just limp out of the building never to return. 😆

  35. For anyone who hasn't worn them before, ordering them online is the worst way to do it. I wear a size wider for safety shoes but I already learned that the hard way at another job.

  36. I think they've already done the peak hiring. I'm assuming they hire early in order to get the new hires through LC before black Friday

  37. They hired through peak at my FC, I started last year on the Sun after Thanksgiving.

  38. Ya'll might want to chill out for a moment and think about what you are doing.

  39. Among the big cats of Africa, cheetahs are the most successful with a 50% kill rate. But they usually get stolen from anyways

  40. Cheetahs are one of the largest "small cats." Cats that purr.

  41. They would be the ones that put cheetahs in 2nd place.

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