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  1. happened to me in ch1s9. i got hacked and they changed the name so when i logged in it was a fresh account. i managed to get it back tho. good luck

  2. I dont respect OP for the sawed off. I get its an opinion but betwen me and that shotgun there is something special

  3. it’s my signature gun when i play. i kit it out gold and since it’s my primary it’s used in all the cutscenes

  4. kids these days will never understand being groomed on kik and skype smh /j

  5. thank you :) after the migration it just said i own the hitman 2 deluxe dlc now even though i never bought it

  6. maybe they could make it so from now on battle passes will have legacy versions (meaning this battle pass onward)

  7. For the people who say they watch based on the cast, what is your favourite match up?

  8. If Zach or Adam are in the thumbnail I’m watching. If Tomar is I’ll probably watch. I’m still not sure what Corey’s character looks like but I’ll probably watch that video too.

  9. Im not sure, but i think when a map is published, epic would review it. Then when its up on discovery the creators can update it without submitting need for a review

  10. every time you make a change you have to republish and get it re-approved

  11. "The content within my island" WHAT ABOUT IT? It's been approved 12 other times why is it different now?? I didn't change anything.

  12. Yep, you fell for the ole “Lemoyne Raiders Maxim Gun payback ambush” for attacking Shady Belle!

  13. we literally have a couple cowboy skins and they’re all not great

  14. i just hope for whatever reason they can allow you disable putting it down. for the sake of an overwatch map i’m making. rein can’t put the shield down somewhere 😞

  15. ironic because he did a stream where he played through all of undertale

  16. Where you are in the story might affect this event triggering. I was in-between the mission where Sean gets shot and Jack gets kidnapped when Charles found me in the wild telling me to go back to camp.

  17. Chapter 2, I think it was just a unique encounter like seeing uncle in valentine.

  18. I just had this encounter too! It was right before I robbed the train with John and Charles

  19. It’s unfortunate that so many people abused the SAC device and now it ruins so much for others

  20. Hey, I just realized this map is actually a map me and my friends enjoy a lot It is really fun!

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