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  1. The 2 toggle switches on the left are for the rear steer. One turns the back wheels left and right and the other turns the automatic self center on and off. Then I'm guessing the switches are for power, fuel, ignition, and the starter. Maybe water pump?

  2. They said the reason why there was a delay was because the changed some external changes in the plastic so it wouldn’t scratch as easily.

  3. Older ones seemed to have a glossy finish and newer ones look textured like the bonnets on the lr3.

  4. I went to one last year and it was pretty good, they tend to have a solid lineup.

  5. And lets be real, how many people finance a car? Just about everybody. Unless you are extrodinarily frugal, decently wealthy, or your car is worth less than $10,000, you probably financed it.

  6. 85% seems high based on the amount of beaters I see driving around. Does that include private sales?

  7. there are many downpipes and headers that prefer being wrapped dont talk about things you dont know

  8. Different materials and coatings can change how well headers handle heat.

  9. I am still a newbie LR owner. Where do the carbon filters go? Where do the odor trap packs go?

  10. On the lr4 the carbon filter goes on the bottom of the globe. You'll have to take the bonnet off, lift up the globe and you'll see a U shaped black part. The filter is in there and it just pops off. I believe the odor trap packs take the place of the carbon filter.

  11. This is not even remotely true. You can ask them not to unplug it but they are not obligated to listen and you have no legal right to watch all work being done either. For insurance reasons you’re not allowed in the shop and since it’s private property they don’t have to let you record anything.

  12. At a shop near me the entrance actually takes you into the shop area and there is a fence separating the walkway from the rest of the shop. You can stand there and watch or ask a question. Theres also a window in the waiting room.

  13. It's pretty normal for cheese sauce to just be called cheese for short.

  14. This is exactly why I didn’t upgrade. OP, I hope you’re able to get this fixed but LR has garbage engineering and their QC is laughable. They really need to stop dumping money into influencers in their kickoff promotions and put that into manufacturing and engineering.

  15. I dont like to buy new products right when they come out and wait until the bugs are worked out. Having seen the lr4 in person, the engineering seems solid, the main issues I've seen on the lr3 is the old pinch sensor, the lr4 uses micro switches now. And the electrical contacts on the bonnet which have been eliminated. Only time will tell but I have a feeling the lr4 will be good.

  16. Somebody's having a bad day and said "fine heres your goddamn cheese"

  17. No kidding! Maybe a customer before me complained so they said "screw it". I swear it felt like it weighed over a pound. I was wondering why my bag felt so heavy.

  18. Yea, the little bushings don't come with the shocks for some stupid reason, I have the same ones and used some air line as a bushing.

  19. Thats so annoying, $120 or more for a set of 4, then find out they don't include the $13 universal mounts.

  20. Nobody has ever called him an expert, have they? Including him

  21. Yeah, he'd be the first to tell people he's no expert. He isn't afraid to make mistakes or say he doesn't know what he's doing on camera.

  22. Because then he can't steal complete credit for it

  23. Because the reddit app sucks, I've tried doing that in the past and it wouldn't work. It's clearly not original content, I just wanted to share a video.

  24. No idea why or how I managed to do that, it wasn't like that before uploading to reddit.

  25. If you decide to upgrade the traxxas gtr shocks are really nice, and pretty nicely priced compared to other brand name options like the proline shocks.

  26. Well this is a bit of a wrench in the gears! Hah, so I've been eyeing the Maxx V2 super hard, and now this seems like a direct competitor in terms of 4S bash rigs. Ah man. I need to do some research...

  27. I'm kinda torn, I like that their using metal in the driveline now but I'm a little bummed that there still isn't a center diff. Traxxas cars either come with a center diff or you can easily switch to one. It also looks like the new arrma shocks aren't threaded either so your using preload clips and I always seem to loose those and need to order ones to adjust suspension. Traxxas also has the clipless body system. I guess it comes down to what you like and if that $110 difference for the maxx is worth it or not.

  28. We were on such a roll with the month of freedom and great racing/fabricating content and now its back to stupid jet boats. Tomorrow will probably be a SXS or tank video. Sigh.

  29. I get it, some people don't like jet boats. But others do, don't like the video then don't watch. Its free entertainment.

  30. I honestly think that BeamNG should sue them for using their game without permission. Either that or Monster Jam pays BeamNG and promotes them.

  31. How do we know they don't have permission? Would be pretty straight forward to workout a deal of some sort.

  32. We're not limited to a specific breeding season like alot of animals so I guess you could say people are permanently horny.

  33. Oh man, I did this once before. It looked like a normal puddle. The underside of my car slammed into the ground.

  34. I saw the post while it was up, big yikes. Aren't admins actual reddit employees? I dont expect much from reddit but I expect better than that. Though I guess reddit hiring a narcissist that spouts religious nonsense isn't that suprising to me.

  35. Actually no, anyone can create a subreddit of their own, and be admin. Sadly, it has nothing to do with Reddit themselves.

  36. These bots get reported daily, and yet don’t get banned. Anyone trying to recover their own account immediately gets banned for phishing.

  37. Oh I'm sure they get banned. But its super easy to make another account.

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