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  1. YTA to yourself. You married this lazy, dirty bum. Spineless momma’s boy on top of that? What were you thinking? This is going to be the rest of your life. Buckle up.

  2. I almost always play a mission solo before going online to play with others. Because of that, rampages were incredibly stressful for me. I never tried multiplayer rampages until way late into the game. The first rampage I did online was mind blowing. I dont think they were ever intended to be done solo.

  3. I just did the Ibushi rampage solo and while I did beat it I vowed never again. Until I need Ibushi materials anyway lol

  4. There is an event quest where you can just fight Ibushi in the Narwa arena.

  5. Dropped her phone in the toilet and locked herself in? I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten how to operate a door even while completely wasted.

  6. NAH. Being vegan is fine but you lost me on suggesting everyone should bring a vegan dish. Doesn’t sound like anyone else is vegan so why would they do that? You’re one person so why should everyone else accommodate you? Why would they go to a restaurant when your friend wants to HOST a dinner party? What you should have done is offer to bring your own meal.

  7. omg you brought everything he's ever feared down on his head exactly like he feared

  8. Wait I just got a visor and goggles on my character while guy characters get to run around looking like some kind of bad ass stormtrooper?!

  9. Y’all seen the video when she picked up her dog’s shit with her covid mask and then put it back on? Can’t watch her scenes after that.

  10. This is gonna be a short marriage. Dude’s more worried about his drinking buddies that make his future wife’s life hell.

  11. Im surprised nobody has advised hr50. Beat that monster to unlock the hr rank cap, then head into sunbreak. But if you have time, do all the event and multiplayer quests.

  12. Are their distinct multiplayer quests? I’m on the switch without online play. I’ve been picking off event quests when I can. Getting easier now that I figured out armor abilities and decorations.

  13. I’m using basic joycons and I was TRASH at first. Just practice and repetition. I’m probably still trash compared to others but now I’m matrix dodging and making fights look cool and fluid instead of running for my life and getting smacked around.

  14. NTA. Consider the fact that you just saw what the rest of your life with him will look like. Not saying end things but it appears you have your work cut out for you if you’re going to make it work AND be happy.

  15. YTA she’s a kid being dumb, you are absolutely threatened or you wouldn’t be this silly Stop it

  16. Hope OOP learns her lesson. You can be adverse to confrontation but if you give a dumbass piece of shit an inch you better believe they will try to take a whole yard. Neighbours’ Yards in this case.

  17. NTA. 3 kids at nineteen and in a dumb ass “profession” where she exploits her children for likes from random people. Totally jealous.

  18. NTA. Your sister needs to leave. Who cares about her circumstances, she’s abusing your children.

  19. I don’t feel one way or the other about Courtney because I stopped caring when Leslie got axed. I did find it hilarious that there were always shots of her heels though. Someone on production had a major foot fetish that season.

  20. I love how telling her video is. She’s obviously not happy being a tub of lard (to whichever degree the tub size is). Maybe work on yourself so you don’t look disgusting and get triggered by other people bettering themselves.

  21. BORU needs an influx of more revenge posts. Reading about this dude feeling bad about not bending over backwards for his [insert extremely unkind word] ex-wife and affair partner’s child is just depressing.

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