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  1. op probably worked hard on that if it took a week. and no it wouldn't take 5 minutes because you'd have to find the photos, pick the right colors, make an overlay and start going over the original photo, and you have to add logos and cut out messed up edges ect. op's photo looks really well done and considering it took a week i think instead of criticizing you should be happy they finished something they were working on for a week. this is the one time i'll say this but, ur cringe💀

  2. Im not even a good artist but i do draw a lot as a hobby so i can say that all the steps that you mentioned are super easy and you could probably do it in, at most, 15 minutes

  3. Thats only in a specific room that can’t even get dupe

  4. No, you can’t get rush on door 52, so he instead got it on door 54 and went back to see what happened to jeff shop

  5. This is really good! Btw dupe’s eyes are more of a circle with a very large pupil instead of evil looking eyes but i can see why you got confused

  6. This was posted before the sub was even created

  7. There is a rare chance to get it in draws but i think theres also a room in door 100 where you can save items to use in your next run but idk

  8. Pretty sure thats a glitch caused by the entity glitch

  9. The lights didn't even flicker, he just started screaming immediately

  10. You kids and your fancy computers. I'm waiting fir a psych port because no matter what I can't pass lights down without it lagging in the transition.

  11. I had the some problem but i just tried to pause when it happened and the lag just kinda went away

  12. It’s not geno himself, it’s just a powerful snapshot of geno

  13. No it’s called bacteria, the howler is a completely different entity from a completely different canon

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