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  1. Lovely response. It is something to aspire to, pay ode to the wonderful messes humans are.

  2. Part of me prefers the drearyness, while I love all the books the stakes felt real and the world the most alive to me then.

  3. Absolutely, Bladesinger will shine. Sure the higher levels hold the crazy good spells butt hose subtract from the bladesinger fantasy anyway (of a sword magus rather than a maxis magic.) You could go six levels of bladesinger and multiclass.

  4. Preety good actually. Have finally taken all he steps necessary and secured an ADHD detection/diagnosis session.

  5. This was after the trailer released, so it was almost certainly damage control to calm down people upset at there being less lords.

  6. Yeah, no clue why they thought saying that wouldn’t backfire on them when they were releasing gameplay footage later that same week

  7. Well thanks for keeping me in the loop in any case, had completely missed it.

  8. Start your games at level 3! With your change anyone even moderately savvy would absolutely bust the system with some simple multiclassing.

  9. Something to clear up because I saw some people already rambling on this:

  10. Aye and people claiming she was are trying to gaslight a country.

  11. As a dex fighter, slasher is largely going to not be very useful. Finesse and ranged weapons hardly ever deal slashing damage. The only exception that comes to mind is the whip.

  12. Mage just shouldn't be a combat familiar and instead do the things it was intended to do. Will they have arcane trickster in the game?

  13. At least there's padding so it shouldn't have been completely uncomfortable.

  14. It's a steal for me considering the hours I'm going to get out of it.

  15. Imnusually a rumbly bass boy so I just do my voices and leave the bass out as much as possible.

  16. Violent creature summoned by the oppressed to target their tormentors and controlled from a remote location

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