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  1. I have a tiny bit of wobble on the left. Doesn’t bother me

  2. She is an 8-week-old Japanese Spitz

  3. Thanks! And its the pink DualSense

  4. Yeah mine does. But only with half a flick to the bottom half. It doesn’t center that way

  5. I have the same problem. Opened a ticket with Nintendo but no response yet.

  6. I’ve decided to send it to Nintendo repair and see what they can do. After playing a few more days it just got worse to the point Link would slow walk anytime I let go of the stick. It felt like it was not returning to the centre correctly.

  7. Please let me know if Nintendo fixes the issue. I don’t know if it’s a problem of the stick or that for example the shell is too tight

  8. She has her own Instagram now! @yumi_thespitz

  9. Yumi is a 3-weeks-old Japanese Spitz. Since many people said they wanted to follow her growth, she now has her own Instagram @yumi_thespitz

  10. Don't lie...that's a polar bear cub lol

  11. Yumi is a 3-weeks-old Japanese Spitz. Since many people said they wanted to follow her growth, she now also has her own Instagram @yumi_thespitz

  12. Yumi is a 3 weeks old Japanese Spitz. Because a lot of people said they want to follow her growth she has her own Instagram now: @yumi_thespitz

  13. Not from a puppymill. The breeders are retired and do this as a hobby.

  14. I know polar bears are cute when they're young but do you really have the resources to care for them when they're full grown?

  15. Hahaha! For everything is a first time. Maybe if I make sure she eats every hour?

  16. great choice. torque monsters. I'm riding a 93 1400 4 speed with 7000 km on it

  17. Nice! This one is from 1992 with 32000 km. A 5 speed though

  18. My first bike was an intruder as well! Excellent cruisers, no need to mess with a chain, engine was smooth and torquey, brakes and suspension were decent comfy ergos and easy to work on! My only real gripe with the bike was it got a little cramped for me when I went on long rides. The solution for me was simple: sit on the pillion for a bit and stretch out.

  19. Thank you! The forward controls and drag bar make it a lot more comfortable on longer rides

  20. Ik zoek nog een set mooie spiegels, iemand ideeën?

  21. Prachtige fiets! Uit welk jaar komt deze? Veel fijne kilometers gewenst!

  22. Thanks! Hij komt uit 1992 met een goede 32K km op de teller, maar de algehele staat is alsof hij net uit de showroom komt. Perfect onderhouden met een paar extra’s (drag bar, BOS uitlaat en forward controls). Toch wel blij mee als eerste eigen motort

  23. LG CX 55”. It fits the room perfectly

  24. Beam Gen 2. With the sloped ceilings the upfiring speakers would be useless.

  25. I don’t have a mini bottle :(

  26. Had the same but it was a faulty HDMI cable from the Nintendo Switch. Could that be a possibility? After removing that HDMI everything was fine

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