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  2. If they never add gay romance options to the series that would be completely fine. It's still ok to make a character straight, even if it is 2022.

  3. I hope that weird racist person doesn't wear any western clothing or participate in any sort of western culture.

  4. I shadow strike in and use ring of frost to proc the blizzard devotion. I also use ABB. It's a lot of fun.

  5. Move to elite difficulty and restore the same shrines you did in normal.

  6. At some point you should try out a dual wield cold infiltrator. Sounds like something you'd like. Ring of frost skill with the blizzard devotion bound to it. Shadow strike into a group of enemies, use ring of frost and watch the ice rain from the sky.

  7. Dlcs are definitely worth it. Crucible isn't necessary but the two expansions add a lot.

  8. Don't farm rep in normal, just keep playing and you'll eventually max out your factions. And you can always go back and complete quests later.

  9. thank you for all this info, So after reading all of the suggested info everyone has given me I decided to try a lightning build as my first go around (I wanted to go lightning or necro) but since I been playing my lightning sentry build recently in D2, I was itching for a new lightning skill

  10. When you choose your second mastery, your class name changes. So for example soldier + necromancer = death knight. A druid is shaman + arcanist.

  11. The build customization is the main draw of the game for me. There's so much you can do.

  12. There's a site called where you can search for any word or name and filter it so that it only shows results from what you've already read. Very useful.

  13. Great post. Just don't you dare post any ai generated artwork. This is a serious place of business only.

  14. If you're getting into weight training, check out Mind Pump on youtube. They are trainers who answer all of these kinds of questions and they're a godsend.

  15. Look, all I’m going to say is in a book of people experiencing every trauma imaginable, she handles her’s the worst.

  16. People always jump to the defense of felisin. I get it, she went through hell, but I agree with you. I can sympathize with her and everything but she's still such a shithead.

  17. I just noticed "Free Cities" is capitalized like a proper noun. So it's just the name of an alliance formed between certain cities, right?

  18. Yes, the Free Cities are a very specific confederation of 10 to 14 Cities. Not every city in Genabackis.

  19. Someone may have already pointed this out but Coltaine is a fist, not a high fist. Just a minor correction.

  20. I just finished this book the other day and loved it. I had some of the same thoughts you're having early on. Just keep reading. I will say I think it's worth it to stop and google the words you don't know. I had to do it a lot throughout this book and it allowed me to form a better mental picture of what he's describing. There are so many landscape terms that I had no idea even existed.

  21. Just play the India drinking game, everytime she says "I dont care or why should we care", take a shot. It just felt like she was forced to do it and I would get frustrated she seemed to almost dismiss the book as beneath her.

  22. I listened to all of their gotm episodes and I almost felt bad for the 2 guys that they had to take time out of their discussion to listen to India talk about how much the book sucks.

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