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Bully steals a kids phone and his big brother enacts revenge

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  1. I'm pretty sure spiderman will absolutely destroy every single one of those movies... except maybe Indiana Jones

  2. you could try to 3D print the missing parts. though it's pretty expensive

  3. now we watch reddit become experts on the Japanese army

  4. Japan doesn't have an army. They have a Self Defense Force.

  5. you right, I forgot I learned that in a godzilla movie

  6. I remember watching that years ago as a little kid lmao

  7. Name them. 2 things that come into mind are the beam struggles and having a shared universe.

  8. evil robotic double posing as a living being in a suit made of flesh (terminator).

  9. his brother is gonna get kidnapped and die. the kid will be bullied relentlessly until he too gets kidnapped and then he learns to fight through the spirit of his brother and kill the kidnapper. his entire school will now either fear or respect him

  10. I really hope Devon Sawa plays himself in season 3

  11. Surely nothing worse than that happens though...

  12. It isn't gay if you go inside the penis. Only if the penis goes inside you.

  13. I hate you for making me pic between the nest mech designs

  14. cus chucky's face has been perfectly consistent throughout the entire franchise

  15. Infinity war, revenge of the sith, Godzilla vs Kong, No Way Home, Thor Ragnorok and King Kong vs Godzilla (1963)

  16. Jobbythehong, shartimus prime, robjira, gaming beaver, and every once in a while I find myself in an Andy's toy reviews video

  17. it'll definitely be a 1v1 between MV and Keiser

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