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  1. I remember people being hyped about him signing in WWE and then when I watched his first Takeover match I was like “that’s it?”

  2. Yes, but I know you know what I mean. Don't try to be like "I GOT YOU". If you disagree, say something about the opinion, dont go after the wording.

  3. Don't rush it. I know there's the temptation to have the song finished but sometimes it's best to leave it for a bit of time and come back to it.

  4. "You know you're coming off too strong strong here right?"

  5. This in game purchases label was really only created in 2020? Resident Evil 2 Remake received this labeling when ESRB rated the game back in 2018, and it was just a menu entry for the store page with all DLCs instead of actual in game purchases

  6. Ah your right. In 2020 they added to the label (includes random items) specifically for loot box content. The original label has been there since 2018.

  7. Really wish there were more akin to Sin and Punishment, Starfox, Harrier etc.

  8. Honestly Monolith should have just committed in leveling up all our EXP in the campfire including the combat. It's a radical approach but in that way we can control our characters' growth and allow us to grind for CP without worrying about overleveling. It may seem like an artificial way to level up but at least it will keep the challenge.

  9. Interestingly Monolith did that in one of their past games, Baten Kaitos. You leveled up at save points.

  10. Chances this makes it into the GOTY conversation by the end of the year?

  11. I'm sure it will be in the conversation as a contender. But the winner for most outlets this year will likely be Elden Ring.

  12. And have never ever read the books that they are losing their minds over.

  13. So many haters in her saying you need money for all this, PS4 and Xbone are old and the Switch is going on 4 yrs. What people do with some extra income doesn't make you rich.

  14. I could afford all of the systems. But honestly it'd be a waste as I'm struggling to have enough time to play everything that interests me on Switch and PC.

  15. Incredible band but not ska at all. Alternative music with horns doesn’t make ska. It’s all about the rhythm

  16. Nah, great act but not Ska or Ska-adjacent in the slightest.

  17. Yep. I am 1 of 5, possibly 6 of my friends, that saved and bought my house completely without financial help.

  18. Yeah same here. Though bought a flat not a house.

  19. I highly doubt random reddit mods are conspiring against you to censor video game opinions.

  20. I'd appreciate a DM. Always fun to read through old prediction posts

  21. As someone who was put WAY off by XC2’s awful opening hours, bad tutorials and the wAcKy AnImE hIjInKs, is 3 better? 2 killed my interest in the franchise nearly completely but this seems to fix most of my issues.

  22. Well I've not found the opening hours to be bad for 3, but then again I didn't find it bad in 2.

  23. There's probably a dark timeline out there where Takahashi is stuck making mobile games for the rest of his career, just like Matsuno or Sakaguchi.

  24. Got into the Abruptors with their cover of "To Have and Have Not".

  25. It amazes me how people say that the Sonic Adventure games were perfect. At the time they were good, but compared to their industry-defining 2D games they were considered a step down. I really liked SA1 and SA2:B, but they had huge flaws.

  26. Yeah for something like say SA2. While most of Sonic and Shadow's levels were good. I found the Tails/Eggman and Kuckles/Rogue ones to be rather bad. And boss fights in the game were badly designed.

  27. I wonder how heavy the cumulative dust all those rings have collected would be.

  28. During the pandemic when the gyms were closed, that game was great for me.

  29. It might be a sign that I'm odd (well another sign). But I like it in a sort of campy way. Same for Dragons Dogma.

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