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  1. Yup, I’ve noticed only new fans think BoTW is a better Zelda game. For old fans it’s a slap in the face

  2. Nah that's nonsense. For years Majora's Mask was my favourite game. BOTW was the only one to rival/beat it to me.

  3. I mean it’s not really crazy to think that fans of a series defined around it’s dungeons wouldn’t enjoy the newer series defined around having no dungeons

  4. It's totally not crazy sure, but franchises change. It's also not crazy that fans of the isometric style of Zelda wouldn't be fans of the 3D style were combat became a more involved process.

  5. Meanwhile just last week people were acting like gaming was dying cuz of like the Playstation Showcase and then there was the whole discussion about Gollum and apology tweets. People just need to relax and play their games

  6. It's a fair choice. I played the system a lot, it had some amazing titles on it.

  7. I think this is a good criticism of these kind of festival lineups and how little thought seemingly go into them, obviously people who really want to see a headline act are going to pitch up before, so do the organisers even think whether they are even going to give a fuck about the act that's currently on? Is there any attempt to actually curate anything or is it just mash together a bunch of "popular" acts and hope that's enough?

  8. I think this match is ending with Moxley destroying Shota.

  9. Just my speculation, but given majority of Reddit users skew younger it would follow that most users more readily gravitate towards newer ska bands and styles.

  10. If you're talking about music from the late 50's/early 60's.

  11. At this point, I’m skipping diplomacy with you. I chose being a skinhead over other sub genres of punk because I knew about the trans crap and I didn’t think it was gonna make its way over end of that part of the subculture. If I get called a bonehead, one more time, you guys may just be seeing your own bones beating your head. I’m not a Nazi quit calling me that.

  12. I was waiting for you to reply let’s see your friends come kick my ass than since you have connections. When I’m done you’ll understand that you’re not allowed to go any farther than being gay or lesbian. trans is way too much. Raleigh NC. Get the punks out here to beat my ass. I’m skipping diplomacy. If you are for trans rights, that’s not punk. Not sorry.

  13. To be honest, most video game plots are mediocre or badly written. In general, they're still inferior to most movies.

  14. I don't know, most movies also have plots that are mediocre or badly written.

  15. Yo me too. Wasteland games are great. And of course the other obsidian crpgs: pillars of eternity and tyranny special shout out to those!

  16. Ah Tyranny. Genuinely one of the most underrated games of all time.

  17. I hope this game does well so that they can get a really high budget for Outlast 3. Outlast 2 already felt much more expensive and polished than Outlast 1 so I hope the same repeats for O3.

  18. What really annoys me is how shallow the debate is. What metrics are we using to decide whether immigration is or is not too high?

  19. Yeah this is why Ive always hated discussions on immigration. They always exclusively revolve around whole numbers and remove all context.

  20. He made strong points? What a low bar you have. The only point he made was in the last paragraph of his first comment.

  21. Common sense. Context. Reading comprehension. This is a piss poor argument- because if you didn't know, you should have asked, not responded to an unknown. I hate people who want to be treated like they are smart but aren't capable of making smart choices.

  22. You know what, I'm actually impressed that the Conservatives have managed to convince a fairly sizable portion of the electorate that they are the party that's "tough on immigration" despite that fact it keeps rising while they are in charge.

  23. I think this is interesting in that the Republicans biggest challenge for the next election is not the Democrats but themselves.

  24. Idk why we are asking of course the framerate will still suck. It's GF.

  25. I think the frame rate being bad is likely due to the overall design of the game.

  26. I wonder how much we're going to get from Dragon's Dogma Online.

  27. I really really want to play as the Alchemist class.

  28. Gun ownership comes with responsibility. You want to own 30-100 guns? Fine, but you are responsible for each and every one at all times.

  29. Actual quote from this flaming idiot asshole negligent POS:

  30. Exhibit A on the problem of purely taking people at their word that they are "responsible gun owners".

  31. I can't wait until Millennials retire. We all thought boomers were selfish, but I don't think they'll hold a candle to a generation that never once got what it was promised and views retirement as their time to get what they are owed.

  32. Unfortunately I only see this increasing. The waiting lists are so huge that people are being faced with the choice of putting their lives on hold for a long time or getting a loan/going into their savings so that they can continue with their life.

  33. The thing is in this instance he didn't go alone. There were three of them.

  34. Very ill parent who needs me around to make sure they're okay.

  35. I remember these kind of 'prank' videos being really popular around 2014 on YouTube and then after a few years it seemed everybody moved away from them, deciding that making videos harassing members of the public was a bad thing, and the channels seemed to fade into obscurity.

  36. Underrated one but Grasshopper Manufacture. They put a good bit of effort into their soundtracks.

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