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  1. Bobby’s pod is hilarious. Even better when he has Rick Glassman on.

  2. Haha this is amazing I had no idea Master P had a product review channel.

  3. And yet you still can't order it and the Shopify site still sucks. I bet they made a couple of prototypes and are trying to gauge interest in order to mass produce it. Or they're sitting on a warehouse full from China and can't figure out how to offload inventory.

  4. Lamar about to release the next portable gym.

  5. He's worse than that. He gives zero effort. He has hands of rocks. He is slow af so never open. His routes must be a straight line or else he effs it up

  6. Must be, since we know they’re notoriously friendly with each other…

  7. This was posted all over Austin during South By last week. It’s real.

  8. Imagine the narrative if the Ravens actually take this current WR group into the season

  9. The narrative is the last thing I'm worried about in that scenario.

  10. Saving 2-3% in agent commissions

  11. This is why you need an agent, Lamar. So you don't have to ask on Reddit.

  12. Had a similar experience when they opened for Blink182 when I was in my mid20s.

  13. Saw them on what I assume was the same tour. Hershey Park, PA. Manchester Orchestra opened.

  14. Why do the Ravens always do this shit to me?

  15. “Why did you sting me?” asked the frog. “Now I will die, and you will surely drown and die also.”

  16. This post perfectly encapsulates my night last night, where I watched Infinity Pool followed directly by Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.

  17. I'd argue that previously it was more "build around Greg Roman's offense" than "build around Lamar"

  18. That’s a great point, and I hope we get to see Lamar in Monken’s offense so we can compare and contrast.

  19. does it just mean cool? or is it supposed to be like 'miles ahead'?

  20. With the restructure his cap hits after 2023 are like $62MM/year LMAO

  21. That’s okay though because they’re gonna win a Super Bowl this year. Right…?

  22. Exactly. It’s crazy too because with cases like Lamar it’s not even too crazy to see why he doesn’t have an agent. He runs his own merch line and wants everything official to go from there which negates the Nike/Adidas stuff. He does his own community work and doesn’t do anything bad off the field at all which negates the PR part. And he already had/has an Oakley sponsorship so obviously someone on his team can get sponsorships done if Lamar wants to.

  23. Bro it can suck all it wants to. But the overall thing is if Lamar has the capital to do so, he can hire people to change it from being bad to being good by just paying the right people. As you would know since you work in the merch line, Lamar is nowhere near the first person to run their own line and if he’s willing to pay for the overhead of everything he’ll be fine. And in this case he would gain all of the profits since it’s his own line. Plus a Nike or Adidas deal isn’t going anywhere for Lamar so if he so chooses to, he can always have that deal.

  24. I’m specifically referencing not taking sponsorships other than Oakley and only promoting his own line of apparel as a poor business decision. If dude is all about the money like he seems to be with this “fully guaranteed” contract request, then in my professional opinion he should have at least diversified his revenue options instead of putting all his eggs into his New Era 8 basket.

  25. People will make fun of him and downvote this but he is right lol. Only reason he didn’t get a deal yet is because he wants fully guaranteed, not because he doesn’t have an agent. What would an agent change in this case?

  26. Great locker room presence. Wore the green dot. Sad to see him go.

  27. Does he have anything left in the tank?

  28. For sure. I honestly think he’s one of the best, oldest players on either side of the ball. I’m wish we could have kept him/bring him back on a more team-friendly deal.

  29. 2019 playoffs. That year was our best chance for a Super Bowl with Lamar and the entire team just POOF disappeared when it mattered most.

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