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damn, this hit home.

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The CCTV footage of the brutal assault of Rudy Giuliani, where he said if he wasn’t in better shape, he would’ve fallen, cracked his skull, and died.

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Rage Against the Machine Donating Ticket Sales to Reproductive Rights Organizations

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  1. Anti-sodomy laws pretty much exist as a means of criminalizing homosexuality by assuming anytime that you arrest a homosexual man that you can just charge them with it as a default. It's just criminalizing gay men with extra steps. Used to happen all the time.

  2. Only gay men? What about lesbians? Trans people? The list goes on. They can go straight to hell if they think I’m going back in the closet.

  3. I really don’t want to have to run for the Canadian border, but once they start trying to make my very existence a felony something’s gotta to happen

  4. This is super sketchy, I wouldn’t feel comfortable filling this out. Proper protest and assembly etiquette is to not mark yourself as “there”. For all I know you could be a cop.

  5. It’s legit, I checked their official Facebook page. I agree though about not wanting to fill it out

  6. I would like to think that in the future they would simply say “this is a persons skeleton”

  7. I guess Trump really did stiff Rudy! Poor old man is having to shop for his own groceries now, and he can’t even do that without someone almost killing him by patting him in the back! What a cruel world! /s

  8. At this point, honestly, Cthulhu. Swift end to existence as a whole.

  9. Pretty sure Freud was fucked up in all sorts of ways, cocaine being the least of them

  10. Marched last night in my city chanting fuck Alitto, Fuck Clarance Thomas, Fuck the Supreme Court, fuck the police, the list goes on. At this point fuck this country, it clearly only cares about white straight cis men

  11. A swift blue bitch slap in the face come November? Sure.

  12. From what I hear there is you actually need to get in line. Hell, if I had the means I would gladly trade mine in for a Canadian citizenship at this point, USA is peak clown country

  13. All the better. That means their rage has been building all this time since their last tour.

  14. I’ll be raging along with them at one of the Chicago dates. Cannot fucking wait!!

  15. What’s crazy to me is just seeing the news coming out of tonight. There is us, hundreds of people marching in righteous anger. Then there are the right to life people and counter protesters that were out tonight. Small little pockets of them that were all quickly chased off.

  16. I could not imagine being so fucked in the head so as to believe in a magic man in the sky that you all claim to believe in so much.

  17. Going to see them in two weeks, should be fucking 🔥

  18. If they are the dog that caught he car, it feels likely they are about to get run over by the semi truck in November. VOTE!

  19. I’m not a cis woman, but if I were I’d be controlling my intake of semen alright. No sex for cis men, period!!

  20. Lotus Brew Coffee/Dry Bar over on College Ave NE. Small, queer owned and operated, great quiet place for just what you’re asking. Also has a banned book library

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