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  1. I’m a proponent of trying as much as possible so if it was an extra I’d say you made a good choice by being exploratory.

  2. Using hunters body for the commandos was really my line in the sand 33$ boba fett was the nail in the coffin

  3. Mine was the shit show that the Haslabs have been, and the new packaging. It drives me insane. I get the change environmentally I get it, but it just looks so bad IMO.

  4. They just sent an email. It's over

  5. Anytbing with high proof since it’s diluted and you want something to stand up to the bitters and the sugar.

  6. I love the stuff honestly. I loved it the first time I tried and didn’t know there was hype.

  7. Stagg and Stagg Jr are the same thing. They just dropped the JR the last year or two.

  8. I like hearing ‘underrated’ whiskeys, i read some post on how theres so much good whiskey thats overshadowed by overhyped products. Definitely fell into the trap of buying whiskeys for their name. Ill have to check it out, thanks

  9. There’s a ton of underrated bourbons…..I’m gonna have to compile a list for a video…..

  10. There’s undoubtedly gonna be people who don’t like it, which is fine and fair enough. But I ADORE this bottles. Got my first one in 2018 and had a guy at the liquor store recommend it to me. I knew NOTHING about it, and I still love it to this day. Anytime I see it for retail I grab at least one bottle.

  11. Are you looking for the same flavor profile or nah?

  12. That’s a great call. I remember trying that exact drink which got me into bourbon.

  13. None. Other than you can customize the one you build. I think the box is different too.

  14. I also should of been more clear that I’m not talking about special reserve I’m looking for the other expressions

  15. I hope this is a joke, but if not they release it at the distillery every few days. It’s a rotation of Blantons, EH Taylor, Eagle Rare and the Special Reserve Weller. Im glad you like it so much, I use it as a mixer, but to each their own.

  16. I do t want special reserve I’m looking for the other stuff, 12 year, 107 and single barrel.

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