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  1. They are ornamental pieces used in weddings and othe occasions!

  2. Corvids are the only real birds left, the government was too afraid of them to replace them.

  3. I never there could be too much detail in a diorama... Well now i know

  4. This animal doesn't look healthy for some reason.

  5. Your mom and dad are probably the most perfect fit out there

  6. Your handwriting is beautiful but even without reading the words it gives me anxiety, I don't know why!

  7. I guess it’s my layout, sometimes the list/paragraphs look claustrophobic and overwhelming. Maybe I can work on that, thanks for the tip 😉

  8. *Unintentional tip! Stay strong and keep doing what you love

  9. This feels so WARM... I don't know if that makes sense to you.

  10. Actually when you exhale, most of it is unused oxygen and little CO2. You couldn’t do this for long periods of time, but you can do it. Learned this from my friend who is a navy diver.

  11. Doctor here. Just STOP normalizing being fat. Overeating is an addiction no different from smoking tobacco or taking drugs, it's just more accepted by society.

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