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  1. Why suddenly Leonard self centered? He is the most freaking people pleaser and empath

  2. You're 3 years late to this conversation and people don't care anymore. Have a good day.

  3. I’ve been getting Calgary real estate feeds on IG lately. For a place worth half of mine, it looks like a mansion. $400-600k go a long way out thrre

  4. I live 30 minutes outside of Edmonton. I bought a fully renovated 3 bed 1.5 bath for $120k.

  5. That wasn’t even my down payment ☹️

  6. It was a nice find. I was paying $750/mo. to live in shitty one bedroom in downtown Edmonton. The buzzer didnt work, the mail was broken into weekly and there was constant needles in the stairwell and laundry room from people breaking in to sleep.

  7. We didn’t know until now? I didn’t even know Qatar was a country prior to the World Cup. I thought it was some tiny island somewhere. I had no idea what their laws were, maybe the soccer company that makes the World Cup didn’t know either.

  8. YOU may not have known, but the broader world did and so did FIFA. People have been protesting it since it was announced in 2016. Your personal ignorance isnt an excuse for a multi billion dollar international corporation holding a world event in a country where being gay lands you the death penalty.

  9. To be 100% clear, this isn't the City of Edmonton saying no to this. The City of Edmonton approved it.

  10. they did the same thing when Hope Mission wanted to rebuild the Herb Jamison Center... in the SAME SPOT.

  11. Or you get an email telling you to log into your CRA account for a message.

  12. Just wondering if anyone knows why we can’t use clear plastic rather than glass?

  13. They tried. People would put their lighters to the plastic and melt it among other things.

  14. Actually They kind of do. Sorting, stocking and selling the donations are the jobs. What they make in sales of donated items goes towards the wages. I think you might be confusing it with another store.

  15. Or a misinformed meme that went around over the years claiming Goodwill is for profit and the CEO makes $1 billion a year in salary while the Salvation Army CEO makes $20k.

  16. Women and trans persons have no place in gaming, game development, or game journalism.

  17. i get what youre going at in terms of the point of the post... but you might want to delete it as Reddit Admin autobot will remove comments like this and give you a site wide ban or shadowban without looking at the context.

  18. I worked for several year at the Mis. There was always a $15/24 hours maximum. Have a talk with the security department and see whats up.

  19. Its the parking app. If you pay at the kiosk it has day rates.

  20. Grocery shopping with 7-11 pricing.

  21. this. When I worked there for over 5 years in high school/university, it was rough. The District Manager came in one day and asked why the Beef Noodle/Rice Bowls weren't selling. The clerk replied "because we get them from Tokyo Express every morning, its $2 more here than there and you get less. Why would they buy them here when they can get the fresher for cheaper from across the street" Then there were a bunch of other things that I remember saying "but I can get this for a dollar cheaper at 7-11"

  22. The new building (which is desperately needed) will be two blocks from the old one. This isn’t even NIMBY, it’s already in your backyard.

  23. The same thing happened when Hope Mission rebuilt the Herb Jamison Centre.... on the exact same spot.

  24. 20-22 during the day, 17-19 at night. 12 if no one is home

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  27. I feel like I saw this same post a few weeks ago in

  28. Further context: my wife's account was hacked last month and they bought $300 worth of games on her credit card. So getting a notification put me into panic mode again. No, I did not pre-order it either nor buy it yet. Money is too tight for us to buy it.

  29. Odds are, the steam version is probably still very similar to this "remastered" version.

  30. I have 2 teams in my city and can no longer watch either without subscribing to several cable/streaming channels. I coached a little league team this summer of 8yr olds and asked how many have watched an MLB game on TV. Only 2 raised their hands. When I was that age there was a baseball game on tv all summer long. MLB has done this to themselves by being greedy and restricting who even gets to watch.

  31. America should treat baseball like Canada treats hockey. All Saturday games are on the government funded channel available free to all along with (most) playoff games.

  32. It already has signs all over it..and for 4 blocks leading up to it..and a big sign warning of what will happen...that flashes... and has a picture of a truck on it.

  33. I think a big issue is the test bar is past the point of no return. Someone thinks they're good only to not be and then need assistance backing out.

  34. Isn't the test bar just on a chain? If they're not paying attention to the other signs, a bar that will just swing forward to let them past is pretty ineffective. They should put a girder that will scrape their truck up good lol

  35. when I have seen one get hit, it was incredibly loud, so I would hope it would still get the attention of the driver.

  36. Have they ever closed the road for anything other than the Pope visiting? 🤣

  37. I remember when EPS tried to close the Henday a few years back due to extremely dangerous and undrivable conditions... Only to find out they don't have jurisdiction since it's a provincial road...

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  40. Idk my phone flips closed into a little square, p cute and so many convenient aspects of it, that ive gotten so used to, that honestly i never want to go back to a normal phone. Def not like a 3d tv sincr 3d tvs dont even work well, theyre just a gimmick that died the second they came out.

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