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  1. I don’t hate Lizzo because she is successful or because she is black, I would never hate anyone for either of those reasons. I hate her because she is fat.

  2. You uh… ok, OP? Also why has your door been locked for so long?

  3. It's hilarious the bullshit our parents told us. Heal Heal frog ass, if you don't feel better today you'll feel better tomorrow. Basically "you'll be fine eventually stop crying"

  4. What OP, are you some kind of soycialist who wants the economy to serve the people instead of being a debt based shitshow that only serves the super rich?

  5. Damn, it is. Thanks for the links! Ive been trying to ease away from Reddit recently so I probably missed it when it was popular two weeks ago. The internet can be over connected and depressing sometimes, but it does have it’s funny moments. Cheers

  6. Not sure why we think this trump republicans, it’s more so modern republicans.

  7. Truth. My intent is to give moderate republicans a way out of the crazy train. But I may be too optimistic.

  8. Why are you acting like the DNC isnt also leaving insulin gouging in place?

  9. Listen, the DNC sucks, but at least they're doing something. 94% of Republicans voted NO to

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