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  1. I've never played Captain Rainbow, but I immediately recognized which Birdo is from it

  2. He would’ve been shown after Mario in the direct if that was the case

  3. I read the manga when I was a kid. Pretty good stuff, honestly. It’s called Yotsuba&!

  4. Average Smiling Friends fan until Zach drops the n word

  5. Mario looks like a proper man of action… with attitude! Luigi, too.

  6. I love this movie! I watched it a lot as a kid, but now I recognize it’s faults. As far as an adaptation goes, it’s sorta accurate? What Mario was at the time in the West is represented here, it’s just everything else that’s completely new and strays off from the brand. I absolutely love Bob Hoskins’ New Yorker Mario, and his banter with Luigi is unironically really good. I like the Blade Runner cyberpunk dingy-ass city and the weird alternate technology it has.

  7. thanks for the new wallpaper! what ability would waluigi have though?

  8. Caption unrelated. Dib is reacting to the Kapwing watermark

  9. They worded this like they nuked a small, developing country. “It’s with a heavy heart…”

  10. This happened to my Majora’s Mask/A Link to the Past manga. RIP cheap book binding.

  11. Who here played all of the PETA Mario flash games on random flash sites as a kid? Cause I certainly did.

  12. CD? What, are you listening to gay porn for the visually impaired?

  13. I tried to buy Yoshi’s New Island before the game actually came out, and they couldn’t let me :(

  14. The orientation of the characters represent the Super Famicom face buttons

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