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  1. While it doesn't affect me personally, I can see how this gives a lot of relief to many people which i am happy for. I don't care if it's viewed as "buying votes" its nice to have some follow through

  2. Biden's student debt forgiveness plan may cost taxpayers an average of $2,000. I hope you’re not an America. Otherwise it will effect you.

  3. Most people with say that I was stupid for crying over a horse. But they never played Red Redemption 2.

  4. So what if a kid does? Say your young son comes home and tells you he thinks a girl at school is pretty.

  5. Oh yea I wanna send my kid away to a camp. Nah I don’t think so Nazi. I like how when someone has an opinion they automatically make them out to the worse possible connection. There is a difference between a boy/girl at a young age thinking someone is pretty boy/girl vs. a young child wants to get screwed by the same sex. Or wants to be a different sex.

  6. I will support my kids decision to become who ever they want when they become an adult. Till than what ever gender they where born as is what they are. Banning conversations with kids about LGBT’s is all I am talking about.

  7. They believe in the concept of buying kids their first car.

  8. I must be black than. Because none of my kids got their first car from me. And yes I could have afforded it.

  9. That’s a party bud. Yes in some occasions there is a black and Mexican busses like that. But that’s not for the poor people bus.

  10. When my city only had 15k people in it. And the only gun shots we here is during hunting season.

  11. Because women know, that sexual violence isn’t about clothes and all that. Men on the other hand….

  12. Women do the same thing but instead of Ape women take men’s money and rob them from being a civilian.

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