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  1. This might be his out, kinda. Rather than years of hard labor at Wendy’s to pay back the debt, he can take the juvenile punishment for identity theft. This might be a few months or years in jail but will probably be the lesser of two evils when it’s all said and done. Then his stepdad is a victim of identity theft so he might be eligible for reimbursement. Like honestly the legitimate criminal punishment for legitimate identity theft is probably less than the punishment of many, many years worth of savings for a young kid in his first job.

  2. You should work at a hedge fund. I hear they use similar logic when it comes to fines from the government.

  3. I played for 4 years and got to “end game” content as free to play… you do NOT have to pay in order to win, but you have to commit to being “slower” and patient in order to stay relevant, and it can be BRUTAL. I took about 6 months off and came back because I missed the guild.

  4. I mean the stat can increase, but I'd rather it randomly went to one of the other three.

  5. It can also DECREASE. You can roll a stat and get lower version of the same stat.

  6. I’ve never wondered this because there is a natural progression from where we are today. There are two pieces to it, right? There is the physical body creation, which would have its roots in human-mirroring robotic helper bots, similar to I, Robot. Then there is the software side of it that can simulate consciousness.

  7. Let me start off by saying, “I know nothing, but will do my best.”

  8. Definitely wasn’t Palpatine, and was Thrawn preparing for that, even in Canon content. And THRAWN didn’t want the Death Star. Thrawn wanted the super fleet that could be deployable and have greater coverage for an invasion. So no, Palpatine didn’t do it because of the external threats of invasion.

  9. It reminds me of Phase 3 of the sith raid and the ramp up on asajj damage for that, back in the day!

  10. Most of the comments here seem to be agreeing with you, and while I will say that I’m not HAPPY about it, I wouldn’t go as far as most of these folks have.

  11. I don’t disagree. That could have been the season finale without answering the Dolores questions. It had the “punch” of a season/series finale…. But I think they added the last episode as a “look, we have more to show” episode, while not completely trying to leave fans hanging. I don’t know. It was weird, but I can understand how it could end up with what it was.

  12. Here is an interesting, Westworld-themed thought - what if Dolores is the Red Herring?

  13. Oh shit. I never thought that this would be a resolution of the "what about the outliers?" question.

  14. Right? With Hale gone and the tower destroyed, anyone that was in range of the “Final Order” is going to be killing until everyone is dead. So, essentially those are zombie zones. But we know there are people left because we SAW them. There was literally an entire arc about them. If you look at this season contained as this season, Frankie and Caleb have LITERALLY no purpose for existing. Bernard could have walked straight to the city and the tower without them. He didn’t actually NEED Frankie to find Maeve in the desert - he could have done it himself after knowing where she was. There has to be some purpose.

  15. It is purely speculative, but I think he knew he was dying, if nothing else but from old age. He always just wanted to tell his stories. His comments about humans being “done - we’re as good as we’re ever going to get” combined about his quip at “bring forth Lazarus from his cave.”

  16. Reddit has this cool new feature where we as a community can sensor the overall content with this innovative “upvote” and “downvote” options to drive popularity. That should be our primary censorship as long as the content is relevant.

  17. Yeah agree with the other commenter - the shadow is the main thing off. The darkness should go right up against his feet, and the shadowed parts of aang should be as dark as the shadow parts of the rock, while the light parts of the rock should match the light parts of aang. Connecting his shadow to his feet will “anchor” him in the picture instead of looking a little bit like a sticker, and adjusting his “lit” surfaces to be brighter would be the cherry on top.


  19. I played the game for almost 5 years, and I can tell you - the single most rewarding way to play the game is to play however YOU want. Don’t bother “chasing” to be the best because there is always going to be those willing to outspend you. Just do what makes you happy - find some aspect of Star Wars you enjoy and try going for that. Unlock a whole faction, or get them to a particular relic level. Try going for a squad that can solo a raid (look up guides online). Try going for squads that get you the most battle waves in territory battles. Just find something that makes you enjoy the game and go for it - don’t worry about efficiency, or keeping up, or anything like that. Just have fun.

  20. I absolutely lost it at this line. I was watching simultaneously with a buddy and as soon as the sniper started packing up after he presumably “won”, I texted those exact words to him… no less than 10 seconds later MiB shows up and absolutely made the entire season for me.

  21. Yes, but why would the dress still be wet??

  22. Completely valid question - I think of it like clothes in The Matrix. Whatever you picture yourself as, you are. If Dolores’s view of herself is with a wet dress, then she’d be wearing a wet dress.

  23. So it could be literally at any given "time". She could view herself with the wet dress anytime she wants if she is in a simulated world. That throws any relation to time out the window.

  24. Except that it has to be within her simulation in Season 5…

  25. Options are risky because you’re not buying a stock, you’re only reserving it to be bought (or sold) later. The advantage is that YOU never have to actually buy the stock if you don’t have the cash. You can sell your “reservation ticket” to someone else for a bunch of money if they can make even more money by executing it to actually purchase the stock.

  26. I was given a Kalimba last year for Father’s Day but never played it. My kids and I watched ATLA this past year (oldest is 6), and they loved it. This summer, my daughter ended up being hospitalized with breathing issues for about a week. While we were in the hospital, I brought the Kalimba to be able to play THIS SONG to her to help her calm down and fall asleep, and it was the only thing that would be able to calm her down so she could rest.

  27. That would be awesome, Hopkins is a treasure. He totally nails it. A ticking clock does seem to inspire great work. A cool final conclusion would be Ford saying something to the effect of, "you were right all along, Arnold," to which Arnold replies, "no Robert, you were." Where each achieves true change and more comprehensive perspective of their viewpoints. I do hope the whole show is not a simulation that they are running before they ever built the hosts. I believe its Bernard who mentions to Dolores in the Forge that they made all the hosts in a simulation before inserting them into their bodies. It might work, but the whole, "it was all just a dream" trope is kinda worn IMO.

  28. Totally agree, and this show has avoided falling into trope-y traps already. If it does go down that path, it will be in a way we least expect. I had an idea about that but it seems way far-fetched. What if ARNOLD never had a partner. This was Arnold’s simulation before he built the first “Host Ford” as his partner. It was ALWAYS Arnold’s plan, and he created Ford to execute it and removed himself from the equation. The private printer Ford has was so that he could keep printing “aging” versions of himself along the way, and Bernard/Dolores were built to help transfer him every time.

  29. That is out there, but yes cool as well. I have one as well that I don’t quite buy myself. Ford is schizophrenic. Arnold was an alter personality that he didn’t want to deal with anymore, so he “killed” that part of himself. The MIB killing his former selves or “personalities” is an echo of this. Arnold never really goes away though and Ford still cycles back into that personality, but can’t remember when he does or what he does as that personality. At one point Ford shows Bernard a picture of himself with “Arnold” and Ford is actually standing next to his father in the picture. Not sure if Ford programmed Bernard not to see “himself” and instead he sees Ford’s father, or if Arnold was never really there, or if Ford killed Arnold out of misplaced anger at his father.

  30. Yeah, that’s pretty layered too. Could simply be a fake picture as well. The only one we see him show it to is Bernard, who is a host Ford created in secret, whom we already know to be unable to see things Ford doesn’t want him to see. Arnold being a split personality of Ford is interesting, but seems kind of weak in terms of an overall twist.

  31. There is something we can be certain: Teddy is in the Sublime since S2.

  32. It could EASILY be a recreated, simulation Teddy. Dolores literally recreated Arnold/Bernard. She reprogrammed Teddy. She could just create Teddy 2.0. Presumably Bernard could do the same thing. So could Halores.

  33. Christina is seeing a manifestation of her subconscious. She recreated Teddy from her subconscious memories to wake herself up. Bernard's plan is to make a video that would make it to the digital dupe of the city before William locked her out of administrator control and probably cut the sync.

  34. I’m not trying to shoot down your entire premise. Sorry if it seems that way. It just doesn’t check all the boxes for me. This is from 10 days ago, and I don’t post a lot on Reddit so this might not format correctly and require editing, but

  35. so you mean that mayhem in that city its just the start of Bernand plan/bet that man in black needed to start?

  36. They keep using the phrasing “they can’t win” - either Hale wins or HiB wins in whatever path they take. If HiB DOESN’T kill Hale, she hits the reset button and destroys the world. So they might not “win”, but Bernard can choose who he loses TO as the victor. Whatever the future holds, it’s because HiB won.

  37. ok but hale is dead after HIB kils her and he knows it.. so he can just kill HIB no?

  38. Because in a future where Bernard “wins”, it clearly doesn’t “come out” the way that he wants it to. I don’t know what role HiB plays, but we’ll see

  39. I started with mere 3 shares back in Jan 2021 and worked my way to 110 shares by the beginning of 2022. I finally DRSd 100% in April. That is how long it took for me to accept and believe in DRS. Some of you may hate on this but initially I had plans to sell once we reached cell phone numbers, and I believed the only way of doing it was through a broker. Today, I don't even want to sell anymore, if I did, I now believe the only SAFE way to do it will be through Computershare. I thank god that I made the decision to 100% DRS, and I truly believe anybody that isn't fully DRSd is severely exposed to fuckery. I've been here and I'll be here till the end.

  40. This is my dream - reaching triple digit shares someday. I’ve picked up only a couple more along the way, but I’m proud of what I’ve got, or will be soon once I’ve got them DRSd!

  41. Also. There exists a chance that a broker won’t allow you to sell as you desire to, if that day ever does come. That’s a big selling point-no pun intended.

  42. I’m HOPING to be able to change things financially and be able to buy some more. As a (clearly) too-lazy (not a good enough excuse, I know) - would it be easier to buy directly through CS, and not have to buy with a broker and THEN DRS? You would essentially be buying them “pre-DRSd”, right?

  43. Ignorant redditor question - all I see is the spoiler picture, not the questions. I was looking for OPs questions in the comments but don’t see them… am I in a simulation…?

  44. There are 4 questions right below the picture but above the comments. Don’t tap on the picture.

  45. That’s what I expected, but on my phone I’ve got nothing. Picture, sponsored ad, comments. Must be something with my phone.

  46. I haven’t seen anyone talk about this at all so far but maybe I’ve missed it.

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