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  1. Read some Camus. What you're feeling is perfectly normal.

  2. I hate the cleaver, but I mean's THE bloodborne weapon.

  3. Lugosi's performance is what makes the film. Give it time. He creeps up on you.

  4. If you're talking about the original and not the awful remake, I love the heck out of it. Great vibe and top notch performances.

  5. I didn't know there was a remake when I read this. Fabio Frizzi did the music, I see. I love that guy. Was the music good at least?

  6. If I can't find the characters believable, then any attempt at tension is completely lost.

  7. She expecting to be eaten at some point (ahem)?

  8. Give it a shot. It's a sport. No hard feelings. Besides, their guy won. You're giving them business and respect by joining.

  9. Many will tell you that veganism is about empathy for all living creatures, humans included, and many will say that it's specifically for the welfare of non-human animals. Personally, I'm against the death penalty, and I also believe that if a person commits a murder, is able to grasp the weight of their crime, and resolves to reform themselves, then I see no contradiction there.

  10. It's a nice design. You could add a little more animation of the torso to suggest breathing, and add some extra animation around the separate body parts so the movement looks more natural and less like detached limbs.

  11. Everything that we can conceptualize had to first be taken in as raw sense data. Life adapts to all manner of conditions to sustain itself. This mass of jelly we like to call our "higher brain" and everything that comes along with it is the late result of a chain of biological systems and events that came before it, including the same lower, reptilian or primordial brain, and all the more simpler systems that process raw sensations.

  12. Whatever it is, I hope he spends 80 million bucks on fake blood alone.

  13. Movies were shot on film back then. Also, just because a movie is low budget or indie-made does not mean it has bad acting and effects.

  14. The pale lady is a pretty old trope, so you mentioning "primal fear" probably isn't too far off the mark. The costume is based on Stephen Gammel's

  15. Comedy is weird, isn't's like you think something is really funny but then you share it publicly and it completely bombs.

  16. FRC Dungeons are the place to go. I don't think we can link them here but if you look online you can find glyphs for the correct Dungeons and the best way to get the necessary ritual materials.

  17. Can't believe I didn't automatically mention Manhunt! It's one of my favorite games.

  18. A poser is somebody who is only into a scene because they want to be accepted by other people. It doesn't mean you don't listen to a certain band, or you don't dress a certain way, or you don't subscribe to a certain ideology. It is more tied to existential concepts of bad faith and authenticity, rather than simply fitting in and looking the part. By that token, a lot of people who throw the accusation around are themselves posers and they don't even realize it.

  19. Could've sworn he bladed himself to really sell it, but I guess it's just his complexion...

  20. I haven't seen it yet. Just yesterday I did see an anti-vegan ad using photos of an anorexic girl though. Thanks youtube.

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