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  1. The entire earth to the core? The volume of earth is 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters. Each block takes about 2.5 bytes of data. So that's about 2743773750000000000000 (2.7437737e+21) bytes. Or, conveniently, about 2.74377375 zettabytes. That's probably right around the amount of data that flows across the internet in a year, to put it in perspective.

  2. If we assume that we want to recreate earth but use 320 block as a max thickness, we only need 510 x 1012 x 320 blocks in total, and the required hard drive will be 510 x 1012 x320 x2,5 bytes= 408 000Tb. If we only recreate the land area it would require 118 400Tb because 28% of earth is land. Still a bit too big for my hard drive

  3. I have this dream that I can't finish or even start working with my exam, even though I finished university 10 years ago. But it is a great feeling waking up, realising you haven't failed, and that you don't have to worry about exams ever again

  4. What was the context? I tried looking up the summary of the plot on Wikipedia but there was no mention of this scene at all.

  5. I think the scene is a take on art entusiast saying they want real and engaging art, but when confronted with something slightly outside their comfort zone, the audience is terrified and mass hysteria breaks out

  6. Some games did receive specific PS5-related updates, like Farpoint and Blood & Truth.

  7. Ohh. I haven't tried blood and truth yet, so this might be a good excuse to get it👌

  8. Jeg skal ærlig innrømme at det var ikke mye tankegang i den uttalelsen, og at jeg kan ha unødvendig dratt Funkygine under samme kam som resten av gjengen. Lot meg rive med av å se at nok en influenser blir plassert i media i noe de nødvendigvis ikke er gode til, men får det nettopp fordi de er influensere. Føler det er gjengående i de fleste tv-programmer/konkurranser som går for tiden. Hadde satt mer pris på å se ukjente "vanlige" folk vinne konkurranser med pengepremier eller lignende som gir en stor innvirkning på livene deres i en positiv forstand.

  9. Jeg har en liten konspirasjonsteori om at tv-kanaler osv vil ha et marked med mange influensere, siden da blir det flere folk som kjemper om de samme programleder og realytydeltaker-jobbene, noe som vil presse prisene ned. Sikkert mange influensere som stiller gratis på programmer for å få litt eksponering og løfter om fremtidige jobber. Før så måtte du ansette Dan Børge eller trange P til mange millioner for å lage kveldsunderholdning. Nå har du 100 rutinerte influensere som kjemper om samme jobben

  10. Don't give up, dude. Getting stuck in an adventure game is half the fun! Btw you can check your hint book before you Google the answers, the hint book provides you with softer clues before revealing the complete solution for the puzzle.

  11. Thanks for the pep talk! In some weird way I felt like it was more like cheating if I asked the hint book for help, like I let the game know that I'm cheating. But yeah, from now on I will turn to the book after 1 hour with no sort of progress

  12. Tea leaves are used at a ratio of 1 teaspoon per six fluid oz, according to the internet (god I love random units).

  13. Actually 1,7x1012 kg/ 6,9x109 kg/year is 284 years! So I think this is something we should try to achieve! With global warming we might get some nice and lukewarm tea sea water in 2300

  14. According to the original post, this server has 2 PetaBytes.

  15. You have made some great assumptions, but I think you are missing a square root in your equation. When the total number of images is 26 million images you need to solve the following:

  16. When saying 50% effort, it doesn't mean half the speed. I'd say that half my marathon pace (05:00min/km) equals 05:40min/km. This pace requires roughly half the effort for me

  17. We do have up to 12 public holidays extra, but I doubt it can be that many for one year. But that will bump the 5 week to 7,5 week. For a typical office job it is normal to get some extra days off for "inneklemt dag" for Christmas and/or Easter, which might push some people over the 8 week mark, at least in theory

  18. Since lego-beams cant replicate the shear and bending strength as reinforced concrete and steel beams have, one should try to replicate older structures before the 1700s. Interiors with wooden beams will be complicated to duplicate, but if it is ok to use taller beams than in the original structure it might be possible, for example old castles and buildings like the Taj mahal. One impressive structure that might be possible to duplicate 1:1 is the pantheon, because it relies on purely compressive strength!

  19. And kipchoge ran with rotating hares, a car with a big wind screen on top, and running people supplying him with water. So he broke a lot of rules, so it is not only because of the shoes. But he kind of proved that a 2h marathon is possible. The shoes he used had three carbon plates in them, but the current rules has a one plate max limit. Anyways, my Pegasus shoes goes out of fashion faster than they wear out. My carbon plated vapourflyes was falling apart after 150 miles, still use them though

  20. You are not a milf before your teenage children's friends think you are hot. So you can probably become a milf at the age of 32 if you become a mother at 18.

  21. Most cars have four wheels and five doors (including the trunk) so doors maybe? But bikes has no doors on the other hand... This is hard

  22. "One day all this will be yours" is about that concept. It's an audio book! A great listen!

  23. Is there a physical book. Can’t stand being read to

  24. I just bought the same model! According to the linked article, earlier models, from before Philips bought the company and moved production out of Italy (2009), are of very high quality. So I wouldn't be too worried! The article also concludes that the 2019 model is also excellent.

  25. the guy says in Norwegian: Do you find the show exciting?

  26. Wait I saw that trailer what platform is that on?

  27. The centaur battle was definitely the "rent wall" for that game. They never tell you about the mechanic to beat him.

  28. I had to make my parents call the game support line, since we couldn't figure it out! You had to jump on his head and ride him until he was tired! Good times

  29. I’m the outlier but I enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn more. Perhaps because I felt like I explored the world more fully. Witcher is a fantastic game with tons of depth, but the game is so huge that I didn’t end up experiencing nearly everything that it had to offer before a new game caught my attention.

  30. I agree. You will finish HZD before getting tired of it. That is not necessarily true for W3. I played W3 for 2hours a week, so it took me almost a whole year to finish the main quest. After 9 months I just wanted it to end, so I could start playing something new

  31. Not an unsophisticated question at all. It's called a safety factor and it's pretty much what you described. Weight to collapse the bridge = Weight that the bridge is rated to hold x Safety factor. This might be a simplification, I don't work with bridges so I don't know if they're broken down into subsystems with different safety factors but I imagine they might be. It's up to the designer to determine the worst reasonably possible loading conditions (eg high winds and bumper to bumper trucks hauling lots of weight) and then design it to withstand that much times whatever safety factor they use, which might vary depending on the implications of a failure, the predictability of the different loading scenarios, previous experiences and standards, etc.

  32. I am a bridge engineer. We follow the eurocode in Europe. For a typical car bridge we say that the bridge is loaded with aprox. 600kg/m2. With the additional point load of 30 000kg/lane. Then we multiply all loads with 1.35. Additionally we use materialfactors that imply that concrete only have half of its material capacity and steel only has 90%.

  33. We actually also do 1.5 for earth preassure and 1.2 for the self load. (when it is regarded as the design load). I have always thought that it is strange that you have to overestimate the weight of the structure. No one builds a bridge that is accidently 20% bigger than planed

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