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  1. Ok I think I figured it out... every birb has a v o i d that they normally store a peet in. Sort of a personal pocket universe. Your birb seems to use hers for the poop until she feels like leaving your hoodie.

  2. Happy Mango is currently taking pre-reservations for Thanksgiving turkeys. I don't believe they've posted sizes but worth a call to ask.

  3. Is this fairly new? I’ll definitely head there this weekend. I’m familiar with the chain. Just didn’t know they had a location in Barrie. Cheers.

  4. I don't know how new it is but it's the best shop I've found here (I'm also biased because I live close by).

  5. I'm terrified that a city which overwhelmingly voted to re-elect Doug Ford will also choose Alex Nuttall as it's next mayor.

  6. If they like those you should try giving them a plain, unflavored, unsalted rice cake. They're loud, crunchy, messy, and my girl loves deconstructing them down to their individual molecules.

  7. Lol that’s awesome! It would be hilarious if we were on the same street! 😂😂😂

  8. I have a feeling I'm a bit further west than you, I'm in Painswick so Costco is more like a 4 minute drive. :D

  9. Ah, yep, I'm over at Big Bay/Huronia so a bit further away from the Zehrs shopping plaza but still close enough that everything you said you like about the area still applies!

  10. Someone not wanting their children woken up at 2 in the morning because some shitbucket is revving up his crotch rocket is a "Karen" now? No.

  11. My girl has taken to chewing on the wooden window frame which has just been freshly painted in the last couple of months. Aside from this being super not good for her (mmm... paint) it's also clearly damaging to the frame. It's not out of boredom or lack of other chew toys, she's got heaps of different things to destroy scattered all around the room. I have no idea what's attracted her to these two spots and am at a loss for stopping her – if she starts doing it while I'm in the room I give her a sharp "NO" command and brush her away from it but she'll often go straight on back.

  12. I summoned someone for Malenia dressed exactly like lmsh with the username "I'LL NEVER BE HIM" and they proceeded to slaughter Malenia so hard. It was brilliant.

  13. I had cobbled together a shortcut at one point that allowed me to control mine from my Apple Watch but it was clunky and slow and in the end more trouble than it was worth.

  14. I’m going off memory here, but I’m fairly certain that a ton of names of things are very Celtic. Blaidd, specifically comes to mind.

  15. That’s an easy one. That Speedo loser that drives around in the “Chinada” work van covered in flags and sharpie.

  16. I had never seen this before until last week, of COURSE it happened to be when a friend from Alberta was visiting Barrie for his first time ever. Way to give our city a positive impression, Chinada-guy.

  17. My go-to temps are 250ºF for smoking, 450ºF for grilling things like chicken, bratwurst, etc., and 650º-700ºF for searing.

  18. Every Tim Hortons is equally tied for being the worst Tim Hortons ever.

  19. College grads have such high expectations these days. Most of us owned cheap used rust buckets when we were young. Couldn’t afford a new vehicle until in my late 30’s

  20. My car during university was a 12 year old Buick Century sedan that I bought for $1. Doors didn't open from the inside. More rust than body. Leaked oil so badly I was adding a liter a week. Wrote it off in a car accident after driving it for 4 years and sold the carcass to a wrecker for $50.

  21. Did you factor in how much money you lost in oil? I bet 200 liters of 10W30 cost more than $50

  22. Did you factor in what you could have been doing with your life instead of typing this response

  23. I want to, I live in a smaller city where budgies are hard to come by (without going to a big-box pet store that I don't really want to support). I rescued her from a local pet shelter where she'd been turned in as an escapee/stray after the previous owner could not be located. Unless another one turns up like that I'm going to have a hard time finding her a roommate. She'll have to put up with me in the meantime!

  24. My birb is in my home office so I'm in there pretty much all day and sometimes in the evenings (I have a couch and TV in there so it's also a second entertainment room). Her cage is generally open from around 9am until 9:30 or 10pm every day whether I'm in there or not. It's been over a year and the only time she's gotten into anything she shouldn't have (got herself stuck inside the tube of a roll of paper towel) I was in the room with her. I've birb-proofed it pretty well so I'm not too concerned.

  25. Given the number of videos I see of drunk idiots fistfighting along Dunlop on a Friday or Saturday night... what did the city think was going to happen when they put this up? Guaranteed that thing's been pissed on by hundreds of dudebros on their way out of the club already.

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