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  1. Yep, “conspiracy nutter”. Just a blanket term for anyone that questions the establishment. Love it, and you didn’t waste any time regurgitating that, just like you’ve been conditioned to do👏 A+

  2. The details are a little tough to find on FB, it's just in a photo buried in their collection so here's a link directly to it:

  3. Yeah I don’t do Facebook but other folk have been kind enough to point me in the right direction.

  4. For anyone else coming across this – you don't need a facebook account to access that photo but just in case it's right here as well:

  5. I accidentally bought pellets of that size when I was a new bird owner and my girl tried to eat them but had a hard time breaking them up enough. I suppose if you were to run them through a (CLEAN, SANITIZED) grinder or smash them up in a mortar & pestle or something they could do in a pinch though I don't know the ingredients of that particular brand so you'd want to research that first.

  6. Wheeled Brew downtown allows dogs inside and on the patio. No food service though (but you can bring your own food).

  7. It can take a while and it totally depends on the bird. When I got my girl she was incredibly timid, hardly left her cage, would only go out and perch on the highest point of the room farthest from me, etc. After a few months she got a little bit braver and talkative but still would never initiate any kind of contact with me. Fast forward about 8 months after I got her and one night I was sitting at the desk in her room and she flew over and perched on top of my head, staying there for a good 20 minutes! This was as the year was getting later and colder and she soon discovered how comfortable curling up in the hood of a sweater could be so she began spending a lot more time on and around me.

  8. Before I pass judgment tell us the actual trip and not just a bunch of google numbers. Base what you are showing get a damn bike.🙄

  9. Please post the start and end of your route and time, I don't believe it is 10 hours. This post is fake and ridiculous.

  10. I'm not posting the start because I don't feel like giving my home address to Reddit. Big Bay/Yonge area to north of Georgian Mall but still inside the city. I posted this right after finding it so mid-day Saturday.

  11. This may be an incredibly dumb/obvious point but I nearly made this mistake last fall: you say the beach is pretty isolated so are you sure it has power? Or if you're using a battery pack, have you quadruple-checked that it works in your setup, start to finish? Without a power source the gravity grills are useless heavy hunks of metal.

  12. Nice, looks delicious! You took them all the way up to ~200ºF without wrapping at all? I'd have thought that'd cause them to dry out quite a bit but they don't look dry at all in the pictures.

  13. paper towel rolls are my birb's favourite thing in the universe.

  14. The problem is it’s hard to take a shit while holding a tv and PlayStation

  15. I live in Painswick so it's easy for me to bust out the south end of town and ride side roads all the way to Innisfil Beach Park.

  16. Is she molting at all? That process is extremely uncomfortable for them and burns a lot of energy so that might be part of it.

  17. my girl was pretty sick last winter, very lethargic and puffed up with runny poops and vomiting. After a tough few weeks and some vet-prescribed antibiotics she completely super bounced back to her old arrogant grumpy adorable self again so fingers crossed for Ruffles and a hopefully similar recovery!

  18. ngl I was fully expecting the video to end with you walking away and birb flying back into the pot again.

  19. One of my girl's big tells when she's about to get broody and I can start expecting eggs is she starts sitting and digging in her food dish. I think it really is part of the nesting instinct.

  20. Craft Bottle Shop downtown runs comedy shows occasionally and actually has one tomorrow night.

  21. Hello fellow immigrant. It takes forever and a day to get a family doctor. Fortunately, you don't need one to access health care. Go to any walk-in clinic and ask them for a referral to get blood work done. Alternatively, ask from the comfort of your home by using a

  22. As of a few months back virtual clinics are no longer funded by OHIP so if you want a virtual clinic appointment be prepared to pull out your credit card.

  23. Its hard but if you google it there is a program called Health Care Connect. You sign up to be notified when a doctor is available for new patients. I heard back after 9 months and now have a regular Doctor in midland.

  24. Rib Roast looking delish. I use aluminum foil and small magnets to hold it in place for a similar vent mod on my 1050. Works great

  25. I want to try the magnet trick, that's probably far more effective.

  26. You gently but firmly inform that person they are welcome to fish the baggie of dog shit out of the can and dispose of it as they see fit.

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