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  1. I’ve abused my cat a lot when I was a toddler/kindergartner without realizing that animals have feelings too (which I highly regret and would never do again, I’m actually disgusted about my past) so I’ve searched on google if there are other people out there who did the same thing as a kid and that’s how I discovered Reddit and in fact, I saw a lot of crazy stories that made my blood boil about people actually murdering animals as a kid (which I luckily never did) and most of them weren’t even toddlers/kindergartners anymore when they did that, they did that at age 10+ like when you started to actually realize that it’s wrong, they did things like killing their cat or hamster or smashing turtles with rocks so they have a painful death without taking them out of their misery.

  2. The most expensive premium beauty advent calendar from Rituals, I’m excited for every new day to open the ornaments.

  3. I went on the KISS kruise on my own when I was 24, I’ve traveled all the way from the Netherlands to Miami for this, it was also my first flight on an airplane.

  4. I would love to try it since I love spicy food, deep fried, stuff, flat bread and rice, I keep asking my mom to make butter chicken.

  5. I’ve got someone in my DMs twice who called herself a 31F writer that asked about my appearance so she could write a novel about a character based on me, it was the same person who asked me this twice on 2 different accounts and every time I answer she deleted her account, I hope it’s not a family member spying on me because then I’m screwed since I talk a lot of shit about my family on Reddit..

  6. The Bahamas, I went there during the KISS kruise that I’ve saved 10 grand for to let it happen and as someone that never traveled because of poverty in my family, it was the best vacation in my life.

  7. My Philipp Plein varsity jacket, I’ve dreamed of owning a Philipp Plein jacket for a few years and I decided to buy that dream jacket for 2 grand when Black Friday started, I want to be buried in it.

  8. I hate it, I’m 28 and already have pulled like 15 silver hairs out in my life, I don’t wanna know how my hair looks like when I’m 35, I also use a lot of anti aging cream, I’m afraid of aging..

  9. I really fucking hated a Belgium children’s music girl group called K3 when I was little, I was a girl that liked rock music like KISS and Ozzy Osborne and I played my older brothers violent video games and always asked for toys from the boys section and K3 was all pink, girly and glittery and full of songs about falling in love while I didn’t want anything to do with falling in love and they were extremely popular among young children in my country which makes it even worse because I’ve heard their music everywhere..

  10. My sister turned into a huge Jesus freak when she was 19, she carried and read her bible everywhere, prayed every day and because I was 10 years younger than her and also a rebel and acted different from the rest, she thought I was the devil and prayed with me while I didn’t want to.

  11. Steal a snake leather jacket and steal a Ferrari and go joyriding.

  12. I’m still in therapy for my depression and childhood traumas and I have voices in my head telling me that I made my depression up so that I don’t have to get a job and stay on disability checks while I’m in therapy, I don’t know if I have to believe them or myself.

  13. Sometimes it’s ridiculous and unfair like the case with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (because I’m completely on Johnny Depp’s side btw) and now they don’t want to include Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean anymore.

  14. I don’t wear face makeup but I do have a huge collection of nail polishes, those don’t expire, I always give them a good shake when they look weird and then they’re good to go, I have polishes that are over 10 years old that still work and that I probably bought in 2011/2012 when I was in high school, I can always use nail polish thinner when there’s no hope.

  15. I’ve got my first sex ed in the first year of high school as a freshman when I was 14, I don’t remember much of it, sadly I missed a lot of classes because I was bullied a lot during that time period and skipped school.

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