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  1. Always that Po was hilarious.. was always freaked out by tinky-winky walking around with a purse.

  2. It might be the optics… but it looks like Joe is mid jump to appear taller.. looks weird.

  3. This is normal. My first month I had others come take part of the route off me.. don’t worry. This happens to most new hires. Don’t let it get to you… just do your best to get better and better each new day. You’ll be fine.

  4. What? The defense is always ranked around 30th. The losses started coming when facing teams with strong defenses while the Raiders defense struggled to stop teams with backup QBs.

  5. 2019: 6-4…. Lost to Jets, Jags, Broncos and KC finished 7-9… juggernauts…

  6. Name the QBs of the 2019 Jets, Jags, and Broncos. Tell me how many points they scored.

  7. You do realize the D was left on the field the entire Jets game right? You acting like it wasn’t the Os fault too… which The O scored, 3,16,16 in those games…. Lol you proving my point dude.

  8. We all know he’s gonna sign with the chiefs and we gotta deal with him… twice a season.

  9. Just remember… if it’s gods will to win you guys will win. And everything is part of gods plan. So if you guys get 11 wins thank god for it and if you guys only win 6 games god is testing you. Better hope no sinners are playing for the saints. (Jk) the fact he plays in dome it bodes well.. I expect you guys to rock it early on get to 5-3/6-4ish… before Carr gets really tested and if y’all put a solid team around him y’all should win your division.. hoping he can get his first playoff win but we shall see. Just be prepared for a roller coaster of him and treat him well! Good luck this season.

  10. Unfortunately, the Raiders are a sad organization. 2003-2023 is laughably bad organizational performance across a variety of regimes and rosters.

  11. Others teams across the board have been miserable. You decided to call him a legend based on numbers? Those same numbers that are average nowadays? Idk man. Lol

  12. No they weren’t guy. Stafford stats was top on the league during his Lions runs.. had 3playoff games, 4winning seasons n legit had NO RUNNING game and very bad Oline in his entire career in Det. Anyone trying to compare Carr and Stafford doesn’t know who they are talking about. Like I said… Carr had top3Oline/most expensive Oline… had more weapons throughout his career than Stafford did. My goodness dude don’t be that guy and compare them.

  13. Ummm the AFC ran through Foxborough… Carr would have lost against Brady in that game. It was a magical season, would of got to the AFC championship game… but it would have ended in Massachusetts that season.

  14. Oh, OP we all knew he was the one in the red cap.. my dude is surrounded by 5’7 guys.

  15. Idk which too be sad about more… the fact he had to say they laughing so much or his tix are $5… it’s hard out there for a pimp.

  16. Give me monies and I’ll wear a “uniform.” Booty shorts all the way lmao

  17. On your off days walk in the sun nude… that’s how I got rid of my lines… my neighbors hated me btw.

  18. Gonna tie 15mil to a guy who’s had a couple nice series’s? You are forgetting the fact he’s playing with Lebron and AD… you are rolling the dice on a dude who’s open because out on the court he’s the 4th option the opposing teams are allowing to be open. Don’t get caught up in the now.. to give Reaves 15mil a season and expecting him to play the way he is now without AD and Bron is pure idiotic. Don’t get caught up in the moment… like when Rox spent money on Lin.

  19. You missed the part about the community outreach following 10/1. Everything else is secondary to the goodwill the Knights created

  20. I guarantee if Vegas Knights were a bad losing new franchise they’d wouldn’t be popular in Vegas… too much to do there instead of watching a losing hockey team play. But hey we all have our own opinions. Good night. Be safe.

  21. I dunno. Maybe if the Knights were burning their neighbors alive in their cars or threatening them over IG with a gun you'd have a point. The Raiders have done nothing to build goodwill in the community and have done more harm than good. But hey, I'm not blinded by football tribalism, what would I know?

  22. You can’t blame an entire organization over a few dumb idiots… what you just said is totally nonsense. The raiders have impacted the community a lot more than just playing football. You are totally off base… don’t know how you gonna blame anyone other than those idiots. Wow you are really stupid huh

  23. I’d be saying “I’m the young bull now” as I dominate this twisted SheShane.

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