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  1. I got prescribed Effexor at 18 and that’s only after I had to stop it bc it messed with my BuSpar which put me into serotonin syndrome

  2. Flat affect, and having a hyper fixation on religion and spirituality. I’ve been like this for a while, for the longest time I was the weird kid who talked to spirits and would have supernatural callings. I’m still like this today, I think I just learned to accept that side more than I used to.

  3. I would occasionally have them, but they were more episodic. They’re lesser now that I have Vraylar prescribed to me.

  4. I would look into finding a universalist church. You may find what you’re looking for in there.

  5. If you’re typing this out, there’s a good chance you’re alive buddy

  6. I only wear jeans. I’ve tried branching out, but the feel of denim around my legs feels comforting and right.

  7. I take 4.5 mg of Vraylar and that helps me out with my psychosis. It doesn’t necessarily goes away, but I feel like I can manage my life better.

  8. It’s hard, but I have to. I’ve often been told I wear my arm on my sleeve and that’s how people are able to read me. It makes me really paranoid and I have to always be aware of the people I talk to.

  9. Frank Iero really helped me understand my depression, but I never would’ve expected it would be something that I could see with regarding my dissociation as well.

  10. I’m really paranoid and bc of that, I’ve cut off a lot of friendships bc I’m scared of getting attached to them.

  11. I’ve often thought this myself bc I happen to still be in touch with reality whenever I’m in psychosis. I still can tell what’s real and what’s not and I’m still grounded. I only get ideas of reference when I’m in a very low mood, but I wouldn’t say I fully believe them.

  12. Definitely, I’ve been obsessed even before being diagnosed with schizophrenia. Of course I don’t fear death, but the pain associated with it and just in general. I’m scared to get attached to people bc I’m chronically paranoid and there’s no way of getting around this feeling.

  13. -I have psychic powers and that I can cause things to happen and communicate with spirits through clairvoyance

  14. I went off of it and had no ill cold turkey effects. Although I did start hearing and seeing things again.

  15. I couldn’t make it on this medication bc it caused me too much weight gain and I felt like a zombie the whole time. This could work for you, but just be aware of the side effects.

  16. I’m actually excelling pretty well at my calculus class rn in university. While I only have an A in there, I feel that I was born as a numbers person and I work really well in the field.

  17. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series is probably the best example I can think of

  18. Isn’t this like… supposed to be the whole purpose of going to therapy

  19. So sensory disturbances are things like bodily illusions like feeling parts that aren't there or something touching you, etc. Or perhaps you'll "hear" voices or other things within white noise or you'll see figures in low light conditions. These differ from hallucinations because they're more like misinterpretations of existing sensory input rather than fully constructed experiences in your brain that you cannot tell apart from reality. A small, common example with me is that often when laying down in bed I'll feel the mattress depress like someone sat down on it next to me or like something small jumped up onto it. It's rather trippy, because sometimes it's nothing and sometimes it actually is my cats and it's impossible to tell the difference without looking

  20. This has been what I’ve been experiencing this whole time. I thought these were hallucinations, but there’s always something else going on around me when it’s happening. I just spoke with a therapist and I think we’re gonna review my diagnosis bc I’m pretty confident that it’s Schizotypal personality disorder and not schizophrenia.

  21. Basically it’s a common occurrence. Angels, demons, spirits. You name it.

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