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  1. This is partially true, but something about Eve and the apple and the snake or whatever caused humanity to lose their innocence, and then God demanded them to cover their naked bodies. Clothes were supposed to be a sign of God's mercy forgiving Eve or something, and they wrote about how bad nudity is in the bible a lot.

  2. Actually, it was the fruit of knowledge that gave Eve and Adam the knowledge of shame and they covered their bodies. The fact that they did cover up clued God into the fact that the forbidden fruit was eaten because he was like, "how do you two even know you're naked?"

  3. I don't know enough about the actual bible to dispute why God made them wear clothes, tbh. It's just what they told me in the afterschool church program and the christian middle school I had to go to. :)

  4. He didn’t make them wear cloths; eating the fruit of knowledge educated them on shame and nudity which compelled them to cover up.

  5. The amount of men who believe their squishy meat stick has the ability to pull a womans labia permanently out is utterly ridiculous. There isn't even a bone in the human male penis...what the hell are they smoking!?

  6. Then call and write to the owners of the restaurants and tell the to do pay their staff a livable wage and don’t just stop at one phone call or one letter. Complaining to the wait staff and belittling them doesn’t do anything nor does coming on Reddit to complain will change anything. You want real change to happen…get off your ass and make it happen. Owners listen to I’m sorry but the most idiotic and loudest customers the most.

  7. When someone asks how old you are and you need to calculate because you have forgotten.

  8. The amount of the proforming musical artists during the music award shows become less and less recognizable to the point where only one of the presenters is anyone you know then that drops to zero.

  9. I recommend using Wanda Sykes darkest "sexual" fantasy she said to one of her previous male partners who was really insistent on hearing what it was, "okay," she said, "I roll over...and you're dead."

  10. Can I borrow it after you? I have some things to do.

  11. I wanted to be a real mermaid when I was a kid. I now work in a grocery store so...missed the mark by an entire world's worth of ocean 😢😭.

  12. Same. Along with my asexuality and zero interest in having sex, my life is very peaceful and druma free...just the way I like it.

  13. Hell...especially if they are driving an expensive car I know they have enough money and power to get away with really depraved shit even more depraved than your common every day creep and criminal and walk away like it never happen.

  14. Would the elephant even notice that you're trying to beat it to death with your bare hands?

  15. Their skin is so sensitive, they can feel a mosquito land on it so yes I do believe they would notice and bat whoever is taking swings at them away with their trunk like the person is a rag doll.

  16. Because they are so big, their penis actually thrusts by itself without the animal moving at all.

  17. That's great and all but that doesn't change the fact that you dropped some money on the ground back there.

  18. How do they explain that mainstream makeup was actually made for burn victims first and makeup itself has been around since forever and used also by men?

  19. I haven't had sex with a man (or woman) ever. I must be a unicorn.

  20. Customer: But I was screaming it inside my head, how dare you not pick up on it!

  21. That's not true. You are hearing from people who do use it, why are you trying to just steam roll over them?

  22. It is factual. If a guy asked me if I wanted to engage in consensual sex, I would immediately think, "okay, he's a rapist." And run for the hills.

  23. Aw yes the “you should hire more people” idiot customer. All they love to do is complain and bitch yet never offer their services. It was around Black Friday at my store and even though we don’t have the merchandise that you would get during Black Friday (I work at a grocery store that is just a grocery store) we still saw the Black Friday crowds. Everyone that could check was on a register with even CC’s jumping in plus extra hands from other departments that could spare them.

  24. But you also don’t know what you’re missing either…..not judging at all - do your thing - if we were all the same this world would suck even worse. I think curiosity if nothing else would get me if I felt the way you do. But, I haven’t felt that way other than after a bad breakup or something. Have you ever wondered? (Serious question - not trying to be a dick)

  25. Nope. I have never wondered because I do know what I am missing out on and it doesn't even leave any kind of longing impact. I know it can be amazing, I know it can be mediocre, I know it can be awful...I also know it can be the best thing in the world (I actually write erotic and just straight up pornography) but...of all the things I am curious about, getting to experience it first hand isn't anywhere on my priority list. It just holds zero importance for me and can't miss what I never had so there's that too.

  26. Oh wow!!! And your writing! That’s fascinating and super cool in a way too - you do t have to deal with the hassles that also Inevitably come from sexual involvement. Thanknyou for sharing all that. I hope I didn’t offend at all - I am always really curious about folks different from me.

  27. I'm actually surprised it doesn't happen to me more often. My mind is constantly telling stories and never rests...I'm surprised I'm actually not a raving paranoid maniac.

  28. The reason I don't "clean" myself is because it would do very little in the ways of helping out the world. Breeders on the other hand with their ridiculous need to have kid after kid after kid...their um disappearing would benefit the would a whole lot more ah DOY!

  29. What is the companies return policy? Did you order it from overseas?

  30. Nah, bought it luckily from a store I can return it, still have the little paper thingies luckily :-)

  31. Still there is nothing more frustrating then spending a bunch of money and it not fitting right. If I'm spending near $100 it should always fit or change itself so it will fit me dammit!

  32. The majority of the responsibility should land on the men since they are fertile all the time while women on average are only fertile about 6 days a month.

  33. Exactly! If men keep their dicks in their pants, there´s no unwanted pregnancy.

  34. Yep unwanted pregnancy happens when men deposit their sperm where they're not suppose to.

  35. Without lying, it's nice to be dominated during sex, but the reverse is also true. And what happens during sex means nothing in real life.

  36. Can you imagine what the world would look like if our kinks just because our everyday life? Just the smell alone...forget the assault to the eyes and other senses. Honey crap!

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