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Rishi Sunak to be next Prime Minister after winning leadership contest

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  1. You should have to pay registration if you ride your bike on the road. Simple as.

  2. I have a passport and I can vote. Quit ranting.

  3. The penalty for not updating your drivers license is a fine…possibly some kind of escalating misdemeanor if you push it.

  4. you are not allowed to vote in multiple districts , states , counties , etc

  5. must have better candidates for higher turnout :)

  6. Appealing to white people is not a priority for the Chinese. Out competing them in business and destroying American hegemony is. They want a multipolar world.

  7. china (and south korea) was rescued by united states from japanese brutality. their goal is to work hand-in-hand with the united states.

  8. He was born in Southampton and went to Winchester college then went to Oxford. Is that not British enough?

  9. Tell them to help themselves. The Haitians, too.

  10. I don't care about this but I am bothered by how they act righteous and indignatious in western countries with this bullshit.

  11. this is good for global warming but biden will find a way to bitch and moan about it

  12. facebook is worse than reddit ... not surprised

  13. the usa has forcibly taken in 10x as many immigrants ... we know what it is like

  14. "Following the attack, blockades with buses and vehicles set on fire were reported in nearby municipalities"

  15. you sound like you just found out about this

  16. Funny how most of these right wing incels are just wanna be tough guy cosplayers that fold hard when confronted with people that actually know how to operate.

  17. this was literally just some criminal being arrest, not "far" "right"

  18. they should go back inside. nobody in western media ever made a big deal about china not being democratic, or israel.

  19. I mean we kind of want to let people out because every person out is one less person shooting at Ukrainians (which is obviously one person closer to the war being over).

  20. they will get rid of the weak and the strong will be left in russia. that is why ukraine is winning, so many men went back to ukraine to fight. unlike syrians and africans. this is why ukraine is known by people. nobody ever heard of "central african republic".

  21. Whether many will go back or remain in Poland (or do elsewhere) depends on the war. Many Syrians who left for Turkey/Lebanon wanted to stay only temporarily until peace returned to Syria. Of course that never happened, they lost hope of a future back in Syria so they either stayed or migrated further to Europe.

  22. they were never going to go back. more ukranians have gone back and war is still going on. maybe because men of ukraine not deterred by fighting they make progress. of course most syrians supported whacko religious groups in their war which was CIVIL war (internal) versus an actual war (external).

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