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  1. What did you want? An Epic, Marvel looking explosions and cars driving, blowing up and people dying escape cutscene?

  2. It isn't for us to decide what the ending should be like, but for such a successful games "sequel" they should definitely have put more effort in for the victory outro. My first win was a bit "oh, is that it" and that really shouldn't have been the case (much like the rest of the game)

  3. Nonexistent game audio and insanely fast ttk yeah it’s a good game for sure

  4. The movement of MW2019 will be missed by most with a KD over 1.5, MW2 is like playing stuck in the mud..

  5. He obviously had no confidence in his statement as he has since deleted it

  6. Try ds4 windows will let you see what inputs tge controller is registering, you can try that.

  7. I have the same issue, no problem in Ds4, yet MW2 is pulling, but not every game which is even more annoying!

  8. Just constantly pulling when no one is there? I noticed with my PS5 controller, It can "tolerate" a 0 dead zone buy it drifts in the last direction that I input.

  9. Yep, some games its quite bad. The firing range almost always causes me issues as well...

  10. Both of mine are doing this on PC, both are fine on WZ1. Any solutions found yet?

  11. There is probably 6 or more resurgence maps in this map alone, maybe that's the route they will go, as well as other game modes for the full map

  12. the dad gamers got what they want. they complained for months, refusing to put any effort in to their own skill. i guess since they are the biggest group of skin buyers they got what they want. such a shame.

  13. I'm a Dad gamer, and I certainly didn't ask for this 🥲

  14. Sounds like it needs a rest. Try stretching once the pain goes down and build it back up again slowly. Running is a frustrating sport...

  15. This game has limited play styles. I play similarly to you and it seems impossible to play this way as the movement is so clunky and there are people holding angles everywhere. The sprint to fire also feels slow and once a UAV is up you have no chance.

  16. Don't try and ride up steep hills, the 250w motor struggles...

  17. I would somewhat disagree, I have found that when in level 5 and a low gear it seems to take steep hills well

  18. Maybe mine is faulty then. But I do live near some pretty hilly areas and I know that my BirdBike struggles up them

  19. Yes the scuff controllers are such a scam if you play on xbox, look on amazon for “aim controller” and choose one that has back pannels and all the good stuff it works amazing. Same thing with ps4 or ps5

  20. I have 2 aims and both have snapped paddles. They do a new "Aim back Pro" which I think improves the durability, and it really needs improving as the durability is awful on the paddles..

  21. Really? I thought they were super good quality, ive dropped mine a ton and its never even come near being damaged. Although the trigger is kinda wierd but that could be me coming back from a vacation. I dont know but definitely paddles do help i have my slide and jump on there and i win more games now so definitely invest in some quality paddles

  22. The paddles aren't quality and break through use. The rest I am happy with.

  23. It depends what your use is. If it's just to potter around a flat town like area, then yes. But if you use it to ride up hills etc then no as it's underpowered for that use

  24. My plan is to commute 12miles once a week in central London and a quick 2min trip to the nursery twice a week.

  25. How do you get the middle finger gesture? All my friends have it but they don’t know how

  26. It was a battle pass item a few seasons ago. In my opinion it is the best battle pass item ever!

  27. Inov8 kitbag has become my bag for all events, trips away, overnight stays etc.. I love it

  28. Pretty botty with zero recoil. I got a 2 kd and my recoil ain't that clean. Either that or my attachments are whack.

  29. Try using the build he has and it will barely recoil. But it will also lose one on ones against decent players..

  30. Watch it again, look at where he’s looking. I think he meant to pass it to Fabio. The weight of the pass too.

  31. Have fun killing anybody with a pistol in mw22. They're garbage. You'll 100% lose to anybody with a primary gun unless the person you're fighting is absolute garbage.

  32. Look up Scump on YouTube, there is a video of him two tapping people with a pistol.

  33. Always, this game is not the same without Comms and teamwork. I have met a lot of good people online.

  34. Agreed. But the more worrying thing is that they have catered so much for DMZ that they are going to drag Warzone into having a terrible looting system..

  35. I pretty much agree with this. But, the movement is slightly too slow and the sprint to fire is still too slow for me. It's so difficult to turn on someone and kill them with this new slower clunkier movement.

  36. Wdym almost as slow? This game is actually noticeably slower than MW19 lol. Slide cancelling saved fast paced gameplay in that game

  37. Agreed. I used to rush with an SMG in MW19 and it was great fun. This game is a slow painful campy mess when you decide to rush..

  38. You can rush with an SMG or shotgun in this, so.

  39. The movement and sprint to fire is slow for both weapon types, so yeah you can rush, but nothing like previous COD's. I'm pretty sure they will change it as the same thing happened with Vanguard.

  40. Last thing I want is the slide cancel back but the normal running is just too slow

  41. And the sprint to fire times are far too slow and don't give you a chance to react when moving around

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