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  1. If it’s so well known… why didn’t THEY report it..?

  2. I don’t know if that is rude of me to think. But whenever something like this happens and then a bunch of people in the industry goes “yeah we knew he was an asshole the whole time” okay the why are you only saying it now and already on his way to being a major star.

  3. I was convinced that’s what they were going to do. When page did the workers rights promo I thought they were foreshadowing a punk heel turn. But alas

  4. Nigga we even agree in that sub that carti ain’t shi💀 bro cheated on one of the baddest women in Australia, went to play ps5 w Uzi during her childbirth, stole niggas beats and flows, now this shi. Nobody in that community is defending this nigga

  5. Watch the theatrical cut. It’s (in my opinion) the only time DCEU Superman felt like actual Superman

  6. I dunno. That final act in ZSJL was authentic Superman in a way 2017 was not. The other version was just a hollow caricature to appease a small subset of fans that wouldn't even like Donner's version who was just as contemplate and conflicted as Snyder's. By today's standard, this Superman would be seen as "emo" and "edgy" too.

  7. See to my I don’t think so. In the theatrical cut Superman goes out of his way to save an entire apartment building of people, has decently funny banter with cyborg, and in general is just a colorful, jovial character. In the Synder cut, he’s in a moody black suit, lasers off part of steppenwolf’s face in a gruesome scene, and is back to being the edgy Snyder version of the character that ultimately went on to doom the DCEU.

  8. I wanted to ask what’s makes you consider The New Age Outlaws a better tag team than the Young Bucks?

  9. That the Bucks were trying to hold down FTR. FTR beat the bucks on free TV this year for god sakes

  10. If the match does happen CM punk would DIE taking most of Kenny’s offense considering how injury prone he is.

  11. You don't have to buy these tees. But what if we say pretty please?

  12. Reeeeaaaalliiize, my low price. When a Phil speaks, his sale number dieeeeeesss

  13. The kingdom come ending. In all honesty, Kingdom come should be the definitive end to the DC universe. But that’s just me.

  14. I fell like Spider Man and the Flash would have a Human Torch type bound

  15. That’s allot of words to say “ y gæ “

  16. DC and Marvel have actually done a good amount of crossovers in the past, the very first being Superman vs Spider-Man. Also check out DC vs Marvel, JLA/Avengers, Superman/Fantastic Four, and Superman/Silver Surfer. That’s about all there is of Supes interacting with Marvel heroes and villains.

  17. Superman vs Silver Surfer is a dream fight for me. Give me a 8 page fight drawn by Alex Ross and all my dreams would come true

  18. The theatrical cut of Justice League is one of my favorite movies and I think it’s one of the most interesting cases of how online perception can collectively change the view of a movie. I swear most people thought it was fine, and a nice departure from the abysmal tone of the Zack Snyder DCEU. Then due to an online marketing campaign by Snyder fans and the fact that Joss Whedon torpedoed his own reputation all of if Sudden The movie is the worst Dc film ever. It’s sad for me (especially since Whedon cut Superman is probably the best big screen supermen since Christopher Reeve) but a really interesting case study.

  19. I always kind of associated early Superman with Chicago, but that’s just me.

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