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  1. Holy shit, mate. Run this through Vector Magic and make tee shirts!!!

  2. Was just talking to a friend about making prints to sell so I may look into that but thank you for the compliment and the encouragement! :)

  3. When we were dating, we were on our way to the movies. Something about the car next to us was just bothering me. So I said so. And I got into a different lane. A few yards down the highway, the hubcap came off said car and went flying into the space we had just occupied.

  4. I'm jealous of the Channel Master. That would be so cool.

  5. Get this - the guy who built our home in 1977 installed stereo speakers in the ceiling of the kitchen. All the wiring is in the walls and the roof. Like a theater. The family left us dozens of 8-tracks. Tommy James Greatest. Carol King - Tapestry. Fleetwood Mac - Rumors. Even a decent Englebert Humperdink live recording.

  6. Yes. One speaker fritzed. But it still plays!~

  7. My friend was an early adopter. The tech was like magic at the time.

  8. "20% of all North Atlantic right whales" that we know of. Two thirds of this planet has an atmosphere we can't breathe and know next to nothing about.

  9. Is this movie worth watching? I kinda feel bad saying I’ve never seen it with how much it’s referenced on Reddit

  10. Yes. It is very well written, acted and filmed. It's also basically a remake of "High Noon" in space.

  11. Wasn't that even the same ground crew in the UK as for Alien? Thought I read that somewhere

  12. There's a film called "Jadoworsky's DUNE" that explains it all.

  13. I saw it too and still don’t know what it’s about.

  14. one second of Farah Fawcetts nippies. The rest is filler.

  15. Assuming that bread tie has a metal wire inside, she probably shouldn't eat it. It seems like something that could cause internal damage.

  16. She wants to play with it, not eat it. But we appreciate your concern, my regular human bartending friend.

  17. If you looked up smarmy piece of shit in the dictionary, this would be the accompanying photo

  18. I get a little heartache every time I read about this school. I mentored a young man from a very poor, disadvantaged family. Amazing kid. Creative, bright, enthusiastic. He won the lottery and got a spot at Creative Studies. He had a pretty great first year, and then... his parent decided she didn't like the politics of the school, pulled him out, and put him back into the generic DPS system. I won't name names, but he ended up at a school that was... not great.

  19. Don't do it, fren. Metro LA is nearly 20 million people. Greater Durham is 300 thousand. You will not be able to make a living vie dance music here. Do the demographics. There's lots of work here, but it won't be festival centric. You can make commercials for Marc Jacobsen Toyota and get paid. But we only have one club for EDM, and even then, it's not nightly, it's sporadic.

  20. “Waiter, there’s a Spice Bazaar in my soup” “Please be quiet or everybody will want one”

  21. A large dairy animal approached Zaphod Beeblebrox's table, a large fat meaty quadruped of the bovine type with large watery eyes, small horns and what might almost have been an ingratiating smile on its lips.

  22. Love Kinoko Teikoku. Come to think of it songs like ミュージシャン definitely give off a sort of Greet Death vibe.

  23. I got really lucky with them. Keep that 2013 record in the car at all times.

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