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  1. They are smarter than you think. They can say that there is no sale tax on diaper so go have more babies (mean workers). Still it should have been done LONG time ago because it's a medical necessity. Don't pay tax on meds.

  2. Actually that is part of it, not in a vindictive way per say but it is considered as a "pro-life" bill because it helps parents of newborns

  3. This is a great bill. Democrats like it because they like women’s health, Republicans like it because they hate taxes. Very creative way to create a compromise here.

  4. And republicans like it because it can be spun as pro-life and gets a tiny brownie point with women

  5. Were you perfect at your job when you were new?

  6. No but my point is they are starving the post office. I'm not arguing with you about the fact that the person didn't know what they're doing, I'm trying to explain that as they continue to slash funding, all services suffer

  7. I agree with your general premise just don't think it's the reason for this issue specifically

  8. I thought the tunnel program was a bust so what's he even doing with the company here anymore

  9. Mold and Oak are extremely high today, and bad allergies can do everything you've said including a fever.

  10. Nobody believes me when I tell them mold allergies make me run a low grade fever. It sucks!

  11. Yeah I got educated by my college clinic one bad week

  12. T mobile has the worst signal in the metro (I have t mobile)

  13. I want Dom to use Lasso from El Paso on Rey only for him to reverse it and give his own to Dom. I've only seen Rey use a submission one other time (STF on cena iirc)

  14. Vickie deserves her own hall of fame entry. She was the most hated person in all of wrestling when she was at her peak.

  15. This is so true. I went to RAW in like 2008 with some buddies, we were in high school at the time. The show starts and she’s in the ring with the lights out and just says “excuse me” and my god, you couldn’t hear anything else with how loud the boos were. It’s honestly the most deafening sustained boo I’ve ever been a part of was Vicky.

  16. She was a lot like Kurt angle she knew how to milk the boos

  17. First match in nearly 20 years and Steve Austin bumped his ass off like his comeback was just a short term injury. No matter how much ring work he put in privately before this, nothing can prepare you for that. That's just something you gotta eat. The all time greats are fucking insane.

  18. Still love how the suplex essentially busted the ring rust right off of him. He moved like absolute shit and his moves were kinda of Shane McMahon level

  19. He was probably being overly cautious and when he took that suplex he realized it wasn’t that bad and got in the zone

  20. Basically my thoughts, like being scared of cliff jumping into a lake as a kid, first time is petrifying but second? MOVE IM TRYING TO JUMP

  21. Two lessons got from the whole AEW Disaster Summer:

  22. Personally with the interim thing a thing that could work is yes the 30 days thing (or a PPV cycle, depending on story and injury) but if they have to vacate then make their first match back a 1v1 match with the champ at the time (automatic #1 contender), can be a stipulation like a cage or a ladder but it should be a 1v1.

  23. Thankfully earth is the only planet in the solar system to have fire

  24. I give Seth props for that first one in the tree of woe...I hate tree of woe spots, but that was cool looking....but Ali's sell on that second stop was AMAZING!

  25. Tbh I was a bit worried about him on the second one because it looked like he oversold it and almost legitimately hurt himself

  26. So you want the guy who they have built up to be the next big face of the company to lose a match on Raw 6 days before his big title match at WM to his opponents henchmen? Lol this sub sometimes.

  27. Nah, just taking a complete guess. I mean she had a ectopic pregnancy and a separate miscarriage last year, so it's not unreasonable to think that maybe her and Corey are still trying

  28. And the poor dude has been getting unfairly criticized by the wrestlers a lot lately, especially by Chelsea Green. Poor dude can't catch a break

  29. With Carmella missing again I wonder if she's pregnant. She got pregnant twice in 2022 but both had complications. It wouldn't be shocking if Corey and her were still trying. Unlike Becky given Carmella's previous circumstances I would understand why no formal reason has been given yet

  30. Similar to Lars Sullivan's too, but I don't think it's the same, right?

  31. Def Rebel makes the most low effort trash themes ever

  32. They also make some good ones but they are super hit or miss

  33. Lesnar will do that everything to make Omos look good, I hope he does lol

  34. Ngl omos does show absolutely horrifying strength

  35. Lmao made me think it was a gimmick scale because he was moving it like it was a broom stick.

  36. Quick search on Amazon for a 500lb rated scale comes back with weighing 52lbs. Which explains a lot, him being literally twice as strong as a typical 5'9, 190lb man, manipulating 52lbs for him is childs play with two hands

  37. I'll concede the point, but the whole list is very confusing and oddly presented given that methodology.

  38. Yeah it does appear weird I'll admit I was a bit surprised at how arbitrary they were making it.

  39. There are a bunch of cities on there that don't have >500k residents. I don't know what it's possibly using for "metro area" for some of them. Danbury, McAllen, Easton.


  41. It seems he's leaning that way, since he's done a bit of acting already. But the assumption that he's pursuing Hollywood right after this WM is VERY premature. It took Cena a few years of smaller roles to build a foundation where he could get consistent gigs and leave wrestling. I imagine Roman will have a similar route. His current schedule would allow him some flexibility in that sense, but I don't think he's hanging up the wrestling boots as soon as some do.

  42. Yeah I'd imagine sometime in 2023 he's going to dip his toes back in

  43. He's a better actor than Rock. I just hope he lands roles that properly display his talent rather than selling out for some version of the same movie 30 different times.

  44. Better range but for Rock's comedy action niche he's very good.

  45. Just for the record, that "S" tier thing comes from Japanese anime/gaming culture, so likely wasn't a thought at the time, so ti was just A+/A/A-/B+ etc... US grading system.

  46. Yeah me using S tier was just a me thing because I took Japanese in high school and college and I liked it

  47. I had not heard that story about Kofi, but it makes sense. Vince will walk all over you if you let him, but don't be super annoying either.

  48. This was perfect TV match wrestling and the crowd was into it, which gives me a little hope for IYO once Damage CTRL ends.

  49. He's on his way to becoming a truly great heel. I think he needs to deliver his lines with a bit more emotion/intensity, but given that he's still basically green to the business, he's fantastic.

  50. And he's getting there, he used to have the look of fear the moment he had to look at hard cam, now he puts up promos better than many IC/US champions have.

  51. Who wants Dom entering wrestlemania in a low rider.

  52. I'm going to be extremely disappointed if he doesn't.

  53. Bruce has worked with Vince for over 30 years.....I don't think he's at all worried about getting fired for laughing at that

  54. Yeah if there is one thing that Vince is known for, it's making fun of himself and making himself be the butt of the joke. I highly doubt he was offended

  55. The one time I had a major issue with someone taking my parking, they ended up claiming they owned the lot, threatening us and our pets and the police ended up getting called anyway. If I have a major issue with them again, I ain't talking, they are getting towed. Now others that are nice to me, I just let them know and they move cause they aren't asshats. But that neighbor lost any courtesy from me.

  56. Need to find out if Michael Cole has a good relationship with his children because his commentary is a little too good

  57. Well he lives in Texas, been married to a latina for 35 years and has two adult children they raised so you could argue that he's well versed in latin familial culture so he feels personally offended by Dom's actions.

  58. Unironically people on Twitter have complained about this. Bitching about, “what message are we really sending? that beating your children is okay?”

  59. The message is "Blood is not a defense for being a twat"

  60. Wish they capitalized on her and how cool she’s been since the return with like, any kind of character development or explanation for who she is and what her motivations are

  61. I'm praying they have a over the top entrance for her at Mania at least.

  62. So did you take a single photo in the moment and it came out like this or did you take a whole bunch in a short period so you could find the best?

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