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  1. USC vs. Tulane in a NY6 game sounds like a fever dream. I'm all in on that one.

  2. This one seems extremely dangerous to both my liver and to those betting in Vegas

  3. Sorry we wanted to show you an alternative reality

  4. I don’t know any Michigan fans who dislike App State. Much worse realistic scenario would be Ohio State vs Notre Dame shudders

  5. Rooting for Zayn with every fiber of my being

  6. What's this!? Rey Mysterio has cashed in his Deity in the Bank! He's crusading!

  7. Intentional and major Family dishonor is a huge social 'crime' in Japan

  8. If I were on the selection committee, I'd move them down if they chickened out of the Championship game

  9. They'd go unranked on my poll even if it was Texas

  10. Won't matter if the playoffs get expanded because the risk of being knocked out of the top 12 is slim, but realistically, they'd be punished super hard for it if it stayed as a top 4 only. even Alabama would be thrown out because you'd have a pile of voters putting them unranked out of anger to make sure they didn't get in

  11. I hope you have an amazing sleep tonight. Pillow cool on both sides, temperature is just right, blankets warm, uninterrupted

  12. The thing I liked about WALTER is that he didn't need a finishing move because any move he does can finish a match. I liked that this moved looked similar to a powerslam which can pull some nerves from Braun but this being sold as another finisher kind of sucks.

  13. Hopefully it's treated like a big deal when it's pulled out and he doesn't use it often

  14. Plus it seems like he's being extremely safe with executing his moves on the main roster. He's mixing it up in there with legends. It's way better in the long run.

  15. Yeah Gunther has a very safe style all things considered due to his understanding of physics

  16. The Rock winning it would be an exact repeat of last year's, though. I have no doubt that he's coming out at 30 if he's in it, since there's no way he's working a long Rumble match, and so IDK how well doing the same ending beat-for-beat as last year's Rumble would go over. Not to mention that it'd also be the third year in a row that a part-timer has won the Men's Rumble.

  17. No way in hell is rock main eventing Wrestlemania for one simple reason

  18. Good. Maybe WWE can focus on their current stars, then, instead of yet again relying on ones they made over 20 years ago.

  19. I could see him making an appearance for sure, maybe a squash match like he did with Rowan but nothing high profile. Something he could pop in, wear some xfl corporate merch, rock bottom, people's elbow, go home. Anything long term could make his investors annoyed that he's splitting time in a make or break first season

  20. Don’t do vegeta like that… they are a group of yamchas now

  21. Nah they got a couple wins (titles), Yamcha never wins

  22. Don't forget to shake the crumbs out of your keyboard

  23. I dunno about that. I think his skillset is really perfectly built for a program ike Utah. His number one talent is seemingly developing medicore recruits into productive players.

  24. I think this is a jab at the "Bayley this is your life" segment they ran back in the day that basically killed Hugger Bayley by making her too afraid of kendo sticks to hit Alexa Bliss with one in self-defense

  25. I would read it, because it would be such utter BS. I want to see how brazenly he tries to babyface himself.

  26. The best part is that there would be so much bullshit it'll act as cover fire for the actual shit he admits to because no one will believe any of it

  27. Rock could show up at WM, but don't expect a high profile match out of him

  28. I love when they make fun of the fourth wall stuff. My favorite is still Triple H asking Kofi "where'd your accent go?!"

  29. I always thought that was a flub by Kofi that HHH just roasted him on and the dropping was accidental, but apparently the dropping of the accent was planned for that night.

  30. Seems a bit early tbh and I can't think of a single feud I'd want to see in the cage that soon

  31. Considering Solo is the Usos actual younger brother, it seems like Jimmy and Jey finally fully accepting Sami as a full uce is creating some jealousy perhaps?

  32. Ngl Jimmy turning on Sami would be festival of friendship level of Un-Ucey

  33. He made it very clear that if Roman likes Sami, he likes Sami. And if Roman doesn’t like Sami, he doesn’t like Sami. I don’t think he can be so over.

  34. He likes Sami so if the order was given I'd like to imagine he'd probably give Sami a warning (think Mox with the scar quote recently) and if Sami refused, he'd beat him to a bloody pulp.

  35. He does a bicycle knee strike too, which is a little weird since it's so close to the Brogue kick, but that's what he hit there

  36. I think he uses that as a backup move to cover botches.

  37. Yeah I'm thinking towards the end or after Reigns' contract or when he decides to go to Hollywood.

  38. Ngl I like the idea of JBL and Corbin on paper but man that first promo JBL had... I kept thinking he is going to have to do better than Bush Era comments about Millennials and Foreigners. It literally sounded like he copy and pasted his 2004 promos to today and it the crowd just didn't care. Corbin's shirt had more heat.

  39. Santos will be fine. He’s new, and he by no means lost like a chump. The story they’ve been telling with Ricochet has been well executed and it wouldn’t have worked as well has he lost.

  40. Agreed. People get obsessed over "new guy has to win" but quality losses can still help as long as they're followed up on

  41. probably don’t wanna do heel vs heel. and santos would definitely lose to gunther anyways

  42. Yeah heel vs heel is almost always avoided in every company when the match actually means something. Fans notoriously check out of those matches

  43. Priest in Dom's corner Rey in Bunny's corner works to flip the script.

  44. The only thing I worry about is "Is Dom capable of protecting Bunny?"

  45. What are these forbidden texts so I can avoid them

  46. When the shit you are saying is so crazy Alex Jones is trying to play you off stage, that is saying something.

  47. Alex Jones throwing a rescue line to Kanye and him using it to throttle Jones is pretty poetic.

  48. You can save a lot of time running red lights if you’re late to work. Just make sure you bring some whata burger

  49. Hence loon, my friend. He’s really fucken crazy, but not evil

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